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Providing the public with reliable, accurate information about road construction is a key function of a UDOT project team.

With good information, road users and affected property or business owners can make decisions about travel options or how to maintain a customer base during construction. The public meeting is a standard tool in the project team’s bag of communication resources.

Good public meetings allow stakeholders get important and relevant information, a chance to ask questions or make comments, and a resource for ongoing information as the project unfolds.

What happens when meeting organizers are not adequately prepared? Things could get ugly!

UDOT will show an example of what not to do at a training offered at the Engineering Conference on Wednesday, November 17 at 8 a.m. in room 200D.

Evelyn shows a name tag for the fake public meeting. Nothing says credibility like hand-drawn hearts.

Why the round-about approach? Says trainer Evelyn Tuddenham: “We’ll be bad so you don’t have to!” Evelyn and her team have invented a fake project to drive home the point.

Because a bad public meeting should never happen in the real world, the end result of this exercise will be a list of real guidelines so project team members will know how to plan and execute a beneficial public meeting.

It may be unrealistic to turn a public meeting into a stairway to heaven, but UDOT can always avoid a highway to heck when it comes to providing good reliable public information.