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UDOT to Close I-15 in Layton For Three Nights

Construction crews placing beams to rebuild bridge over I-15 at Church Street

SALT LAKE CITY (March 19, 2020) – The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) advises drivers to plan ahead for three overnight closures of I-15 in Layton between Layton Parkway and Antelope Drive from Friday, March 20, through Monday, March 23. Crews will be placing beams over the freeway for the new Church Street bridge.

The freeway will be closed nightly March 20, 21 and 22 during the following hours:

·         Friday, March 20, at 10 p.m. to Saturday, March 21, at 8 a.m.

·         Saturday, March 21, at 10 p.m. to Sunday, March 22, at 9 a.m.

·         Sunday, March 22, at 9 p.m. to Monday, March 23, at 5 a.m.

During these closures, all southbound drivers will be detoured off of I-15 at Antelope Drive, and northbound drivers will be detoured off at Layton Parkway. Traffic will be routed onto Main Street in Layton and then back onto I-15. Drivers should plan ahead for heavy delays, allow extra time to travel the detour route, or avoid the area if possible.

The new Church Street bridge is being built as part of UDOT’s I-15 Davis Weber Express Lanes project, and is scheduled to open in May 2020. The project is extending the I-15 Express Lanes from Layton Parkway to Riverdale Road, to improve traffic flow and reduce delays along I-15.

Additional improvements as part of the I-15 Express Lanes project include rebuilding the I-15 bridge over 200 South in Clearfield; widening and replacing the driving surface on five bridges; installing new ramp meters at four locations; redesigning the on- and off-ramps at 5600 South and Riverdale Road, and replacing concrete panels on I-15 from Hill Field Road to I-84. Construction on the project began in May 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in fall 2021.

Members of the public can reach the I-15 Express Lanes project team by calling 833-I15-XPRS or sending an email to Drivers are also encouraged to visit the project website ( to sign up for regular email updates and real-time text alerts about delays in the work zone.

Construction schedules are weather-dependent and subject to change. For the latest information on traffic patterns and restrictions during construction, visit the UDOT Traffic website ( or download the UDOT Traffic app for iPhone or Android.


Media Contact:
John Gleason
UDOT Public Information Officer

#WorkForUsWednesday – March 4, 2020

Today, we’re posting six new open positions. Come join UDOT’s workforce and help keep Utah moving.

Recruitment #23121 – Port of Entry Agent (Motor Carrier Spec III), Daniels Port of Entry. Opened 02/28/2020. Closes 03/16/2020.  Click here to apply.  

Recruitment #23138 – Financial Analyst I, Complex Comptroller’s Office. Opened 02/28/2020. Closes 03/05/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment #23149 – Statewide Signal Engineer (EM I), Traffic Operations Center. Opened 02/28/2020. Closes 03/23/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment # 23146 – Transportation Technician II, Region 3 – Provo/Orem. Opened 03/02/2020. Closes 03/09/2020.  Click here to apply.  

Recruitment #23176 – Electronic Technical Specialist II, Region 3 – Orem. Opened 03/03/2020. Closes 03/17/2020.  Click here to apply.    

Recruitment #23165 – Transportation Technician II, Region 4 – Gunnison. Opened 03/03/2020. Closes 03/15/2020.  Click here to apply.      

#WorkForUsWednesday – February 26, 2020

Today, we’re posting five new open positions. If you want to join our team, take a look at the openings below and follow the links to apply.

Recruitment #23020 – Automotive Service Worker (TL with Benefits), Complex – Central Shops. Opened 02/20/20. Closes 02/27/20.  Click here to apply.  

Recruitment #23005 – Transportation Technician II, Salt Lake – Region 2. Opened 02/20/2020. Closes 03/05/2020. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #23038 – Incident Management Specialist (Roadway Safety Specialist I), Region 1 Area. Opened 02/20/2020, Closes 03/02/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment #23048 – Region 3 Traffic Signal Engineer, Orem Region 3. Opened 02/24/2020, Closes 03/09/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment #23078 – Statewide Pavement Design Engineer (EM I), underfill option, Complex – Central Materials. Opened 02/25/2020, Closes 03/10/2020.  Click here to apply.    

#WorkForUsWednesday – February 5, 2020

Today, we’re posting five new open positions. Come join UDOT’s workforce and help keep Utah moving.

Recruitment #22780 – Electronic Technical Specialist II, Region 3 – Orem. Opened 01/29/2020. Closes 02/12/2020. Click here to apply. 

Recruitment #22676 – Engineer III (Field Engineer with underfill as Engineer II or Engineer I), Region 4 – Price. Opened 01/27/2020. Closes 02/11/2020. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22826 – Transportation Technician II, Region 3 – Vernal. Opened 02/04/2020. Closes 02/18/2020. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22828 – Training Manager I (2 vacancies) – Employee Development, Complex. Opened 02/04/2020. Closes 02/12/2020. Click here to apply.

#WorkForUsWednesday – January 29, 2020

Today, we’re posting four new open positions. Come join UDOT’s workforce and help keep Utah moving.

Recruitment #22718 – Traffic Design Engineer (EM I), Location Options – Ogden (Region 1), Salt Lake (Calvin Rampton Building), Orem (Region 3), or Richfield (Region 4). Opened 01/23/2020. Closes 02/13/2020. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22721 – Transportation Technician II, Region 3 – Tabiona. Opened 01/27/2020, Closes 02/06/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22729 – Transportation Technician II, Region 4 – Meadow. Opened 01/27/2020, Closes 02/09/2020.  Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22723 – GIS Analyst II (Senior GIS Analyst) may be filled as GIS Analyst I, Region 4 – Richfield. Opened 01/28/2020, Closes 02/11/2020. Click here to apply.

UDOT and South Salt Lake City Council to Make Safety Improvements to 3300 South Near Homeless Resource Center

Additional lights, signals, and outreach planned to enhance pedestrian safety in the area 

SALT LAKE CITY (Jan. 6, 2020) – The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and South Salt Lake City is installing several improvements to enhance safety for pedestrians along 3300 South near the new South Salt Lake homeless resource center. 

New electronic message signs were installed last weekend that advise drivers to use caution and be alert for pedestrians. Then over the next several months UDOT will be adding signs, signals and lighting in the area of 3300 South and 1000 West and conducting safety-related outreach among vulnerable populations in the area.

Additional improvements will include:

  • A new pedestrian-activated signal to stop traffic for foot traffic to cross
  • Additional lighting at nearby intersections and along the road 
  • Relocation of the nearby UTA transit stop 
  • New portable signs to alert drivers of their current speed
  • Safety-focused outreach to clients at the homeless resource center
  • Ongoing coordination with South Salt Lake law enforcement and public works

UDOT will continue to collaborate with South Salt Lake City leaders on improving the area. 

UDOT is committed to keeping Utah roads as safe as possible. Whenever a serious crash occurs, UDOT engineers review the incident to understand what factors were involved and what potential measures can be implemented to prevent similar crashes in the future.


Media Contacts:
John Gleason
UDOT Public Information Officer
Cell: 801-560-7740

Corey Thomas
South Salt Lake City Councilwoman
Cell: 801-755-8015

#WorkForUsWednesday – December 11, 2019

Today, we’re posting two open positions. Come join UDOT’s workforce and help keep Utah moving.

Recruitment #22166 – Construction GIS Program Administrator, Complex – Taylorsville. Opened 12/05/19. Closes 12/16/19. Click HERE to apply.

Recruitment #22227 – Transportation Technician II, Region 2 – Salt Lake City. Opened 12/09/2019. Closes 12/26/2019. Click HERE to apply.

#WorkForUsWednesday – December 4, 2019

Today, we’re posting four open positions. Come join UDOT’s workforce and help keep Utah moving.

Recruitment #22136 – Project Management Specialist, Region 1 – Ogden. Opened 12/02/2019. Closes 12/17/2019. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22156 – Transportation Technician II, Region 4 – Loa. Opened 12/02/2019. Closes 12/10/2019. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22169 – Avalanche Forecaster, Region 2 – Little Cottonwood. Opened 12/03/2019. Closes 12/15/2019. Click here to apply.

Recruitment #22165 – Accounting Tech III, Region 3 – Orem. Opened 12/03/2019. Closes 12/10/2019. Click here to apply.