#WorkForUsWednesday – January 9, 2019


Welcome to another great #WorkForUsWednesday! Today we have have ELEVEN new positions open and are accepting application. These openings range in location and department, but they’re all integral in our work to keep Utah Moving. Many are in our central complex where a lot of the behind the scene work does. This includes design, accounting and auditing.

Click on the links below to apply and come join a workforce of over 1,600 people, whose mission is to innovate transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance quality of life.

  • Recruitment #18381 – Structures Design Lead (EM I), Complex – Structures, Opens 1/3/18, Closes 1/24/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #18383 – Accounting Tech III, Complex – Comptroller’s Office, Opens 1/3/18, Closes 1/10/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #18384 – Chief Structural Engineer (EM III – Admin), Complex – Structures, Opens 1/4/19, Closes 2/4/19.  Click here to apply.  
  • Recruitment #18387 – Procurement Division Manager (Purchasing Manager), Complex – Procurement, Opens 1/4/19, Closes 1/22/19.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #18385 – Support Services Coordinator I, Traffic Operation Center, Opens 1/4/19, Closes 1/17/19.  Click here to apply.   
  • Recruitment #18417 – Statewide Permits Program Manager, Complex – Right of Way, Opens 1/4/19, Closes 1/14/19.  Click here to apply. 
  • Recruitment #18386 – Auditor IV, Complex – Internal Audit, Opens 1/7/19, Closes 1/22/19.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #18401 – Transportation Technician II, Region 1 – Brigham, Opens 1/7/19, Closes 1/21/19. Click here to apply.  
  • Recruitment #18423 – GIS Analyst, Complex – Data & Analytics, Opens 1/7/19, Closes 1/21/19.  Click here to apply.    
  • Recruitment #18432 – Lead Research Assistant – TL with benefits, Complex – Central Maintenance, Opens 1/7/19, Closes 1/21/19.  Click here to apply.  (2 positions)

Visit the Utah State Jobs website at any time to see all open positions with the department. Simply filter the search criteria by department to (810) Department of Transportation. We hope to see you proudly wearing UDOT orange soon.

One thought on “#WorkForUsWednesday – January 9, 2019”

  1. Skip Prall

    I’m going to set a 2019 goal to get out of running a small business and try to apply for a few state jobs! I’m getting older! Thank you for the wonderful blog. I just found the link and will check in to see whats new. Thanks again.

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