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#WorkForUsWednesday – August 15, 2018

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a #WorkForUsWednesday. Today we have SEVENTEEN new positions to post about. There are so many because the department is expanding it’s Incident Management Team. They’re the ones who help motorists who break down on the freeway. They’re an amazing team. Learn more about them here:

Click on the links below to apply and come join a workforce of over 1,600 people, whose mission is to innovate transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance quality of life.

  • Recruitment #16320 – Transportation Technician II, Region 1, Logan Summit, Opens 6/21/18, Closes 7/9/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #15853 – Structures Design Lead (EM I), Complex – Structures, Opens 6/18/18, Closes 7/16/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #16409 – Region Planning Manager (Engineering Manager II), Complex – Planning, Opens 6/26/18, Closes 7/9/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #16386 – Region Planning Manager  (Urban Planning Manager), Complex – Planning, Opens 6/28/18, Closes 7/9/18.  Click here to apply.
    Note: Four positions are open for a Region Planning Manager (one in each region) and it is available to both engineers and nonengineers. There has been some confusion in the past about job opportunities available to both engineers and nonengineers, which advertise separately. As a clarification, we wanted to let you know that while you see two postings above with slightly different DHRM classifications for each position, the working titles will be the same.
  • Recruitment #16258 – Port of Entry Agent (Motor Carrier Spec III), Echo Port of Entry, Opens 6/26/18, Closes 7/9/18.  Click here to apply. (1 position)
  • Recruitment #15930 – Incident Management Specialist I (Roadway Safety Specialist I), 7 Positions between Regions 1, 2 & 3 Opens 6/26/18, Closes 7/9/18.  Click here to apply. (7 positions)
  • Recruitment #16369 – Transportation Technician II – Station 225, Region 2 – Salt Lake City, Opens 6/26/18, Closes 7/4/18.  Click here to apply.  (1 position)
  • Recruitment #16406 – Transportation Technician II – Station 232, Region 2 –  Murray, Opens 6/26/18, Closes 17/8/18 Click here to apply.

Visit the Utah State Jobs website at any time to see all open positions with the department. Simply filter the search criteria by department to (810) Department of Transportation. We hope to see you proudly wearing UDOT orange soon.

Utah Department of Transportation’s Public Transit Team Request for Public Comment

Utah Department of Transportation’s Public Transit Team

Request for Public Comment

The State of Utah, Department of Transportation (UDOT) is asking for your comments on the Draft State Management Plan for Federal Transit Programs. UDOT’s Public Transit Team (PTT), as a direct recipient of Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) grant funding, is required to create and maintain a State Management Plan (SMP). The SMP describes the State’s policies and procedures for administering the following FTA programs:

  • 49 USC § 5304 State and Metropolitan Planning
  • 49 USC § 5310 Elderly Individuals and Individuals with Disabilities Program
  • 49 USC § 5311 Non-urbanized Area Formula Program
  • 49 USC § 5316 Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program
  • 49 USC § 5317 New Freedom Program
  • 49 USC § 5329 Transit Safety and Oversight
  • 49 USC § 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities

The updated SMP is a consolidated document that reflects the most recent program and MAP-21 and FAST Act changes for the before mentioned programs. The SMP Draft is available for your review at:, or a hard copy can be requested by calling Tim Boschert at 801-964-4508.

All comments must be submitted by September 15th, 2018 in order to be considered. Comments may be submitted via email at or hard copy at the address below. The comments must be provided in the following format:

  1. List the page number you are referring to
  2. List the section you are referring to
  3. List the paragraph number in the section
  4. List the comment
  5. Provide the revised wording or recommended change

Address for hard copies
UDOT Public Transit Team
C/O Tim Boschert, Public Transit Plans and Programs Director
4501 South 2700 West
P.O. Box 143600
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-3600

The final SMP will be posted on the UDOT PTT website (link above) following PTT consideration of all comments, final edits and approval by FTA. If document assistance is required, please let us know via the email address above.