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PRESS RELEASE: UDOT to Increase Maximum Toll in Express Lanes

For Immediate Release 

 UDOT to Increase Maximum Toll in Express Lanes

Maximum charge to travel on the country’s longest continuous high occupancy lanes to increase to $2 per segment

SALT LAKE CITY (July 12, 2018) – Beginning July 14, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will increase the maximum toll to travel in the Express Lanes in Utah.

The price in each Express Lane segment will now range from 25 cents to two dollars, depending on freeway congestion. All toll revenues will continue to be used to maintain the Express Lanes, and to improve technology and law enforcement associated with their operation.

The increased fee is intended to curb crowding in the country’s longest continuous Express Lanes, stretching 72 miles from Layton to Spanish Fork. Federal regulation requires speeds in those lanes not dip below 45 mph. Currently, speeds drop as low as 31 mph during peak drive times in Salt Lake County.

During the 2018 Legislative session, lawmakers approved a maximum toll increase to as high as $4 to encourage more carpooling. UDOT opted to only increase the maximum to $2 per segment. The department will study the effectiveness of the increased fee before considering higher tolls in the future.

Express Pass holders with questions or concerns can contact customer service at (815) 813-9127.


Media Contact:
John Gleason
UDOT Public Information Officer
Cell: 801-560-7740