#WorkForUsWednesday – June 13, 2018

Welcome to another great #WorkForUsWednesday. This week we have a total of FOUR new positions open at the department. One of those is a Journey Auto Worker. They are the ones who work on our big orange trucks and make sure they’re working properly, so that our crews can keep Utah moving.

Click on the links below to apply and come join a workforce of over 1,600 people, whose mission is to innovate transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance quality of life.

  • Recruitment #16076 – Statewide Permits Officer, Complex – Right of Way, Opens 6/8/18, Closes 6/17/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #16218 – Journey Auto Worker, Complex – Central Shops, Opens 6/8/18, Closes 6/17/18.  Click here to apply.
  • Recruitment #16240 – Transportation Technician II – Ogden, Region 1, Opens 6/11/18, Closes 6/25/18.  Click here to apply. (2 positions) 

Visit the Utah State Jobs website at any time to see all open positions with the department. Simply filter the search criteria by department to (810) Department of Transportation. We hope to see you proudly wearing UDOT orange soon.

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