NEWS RELEASE: UDOT Releases US-89 State Environmental Study Draft

UDOT Releases US-89 State Environmental Study Draft

Draft Includes Preferred Alternative for Future US-89 Operations


OGDEN– The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has released its draft US-89 State Environmental Study.

The draft study, which reflects the preferred alternative for the US-89 corridor from Farmington to I-84 in Uintah, is now available for public viewing on the project website. The preferred alternative was determined after over forty concepts underwent a rigorous screening process to evaluate the most feasible, environmentally responsible, and best addressed concerns raised by the public.

UDOT will also hold a public hearing on Thursday September 7, to obtain public comment on the environmental study draft. The hearing will take place from 4:30 to 7 p.m. at the Davis Conference Center, 800 Heritage Park Boulevard in Layton. The public is invited to attend this meeting, to learn more about the study and its resulting recommendation.

“The main purpose of the public hearing is to provide clarity on the preferred alternative, as well as to gather public input,” said UDOT Project Manager Michael Romero. “Members of the project team will be available at the hearing to answer any questions.”

If unable to attend the hearing, the public is encouraged to review the US-89 State Environmental Study draft, and to make comments via the study website at “”, by email to “,” or by phone at 888-752- US89 (8789). Comments may also be made by mail to: The US-89 State Environmental Study, c/o FrontLine Public Involvement, P.O. Box 1033, Farmington, UT 84025.

The formal public comment period begins Thursday August 24, and continues through Monday September 25.



10 thoughts on “NEWS RELEASE: UDOT Releases US-89 State Environmental Study Draft”

  1. Debora Moss

    I live on Valley View Dr. in Layton on the West side between Hwy 89 and Valley View. How can I find out how my home and homes near me will be
    impacted by the 89 project.
    Also if our home is not taken is there a consideration of a sound wall?
    Thank You.
    Debora Moss

  2. Zach Whitney Post Author

    Debora: Apologies for the delay in replying. Information on the preferred alternative currently being considered can be found online at There is a consideration for a sound wall that is done at the time of the environmental study. Questions about specific properties affected should be directed to the project team. They can be reached at 888-752-8789 or by email at

  3. Terry Anderson

    You can add all the lanes and interchanges you want from Farmington to South Weber, but what are the plans to eliminate the actual choke point on US 89 from I-84 north into South Ogden? Has anyone actually looked at the traffic backup every afternoon in that area? I can only imagine the disaster created as traffic tries to merge from three lanes at freeway speeds into two lanes.

  4. Zach Whitney Post Author

    Hi Richard: The final speed limit has yet to be determined. It is anticipated to be 60-65MPH.

  5. Zach Whitney Post Author

    Terry: Region leadership is aware of the choke point in that area. There is a funded planning study to look into possible solutions. It’s anticipated that study should be underway within the next 6 months.

  6. Jared

    We are considering buying a house right South of Nichols Road in the East Side with the back yard being Highway 89. You said the sound wall would be considered above in comments… Was that ever approved? If so, how high would the sound wall be?

  7. Janelle Stratford

    I know that you are not listening to those living near and on Hwy 89. No matter what we say, you ignore and move forward. The pollution increase will be huge. We need more green space to counter the health risks from auto pollution, and all you do is add more roads/ freeways. We live here to be away from I15. Shame on you for ignoring those who are impacted the most.

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