New Bangerter Highway interchanges lead UDOT’s Top 10 Projects for 2017

New Bangerter Highway interchanges lead UDOT’s Top 10 Projects for 2017

Major state projects include widening, reconstruction, and maintenance for highways along the Wasatch Front and across the state

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) announced its Top 10 Pr­­­­ojects list for the 2017 construction season today. This year’s top project will build five freeway-like interchanges on Bangerter Highway over the next two years. The $249 million project will be completed in late 2018.

UDOT has 180 highway construction projects scheduled across the state this year, with a combined value of $1.3 billion. These projects are designed to keep Utah moving now and in the future by enhancing safety for drivers and pedestrians, improving traffic flow, and maintaining Utah’s roads and bridges in good condition.

This year’s Top 10 includes three projects in western Salt Lake County, illustrating UDOT’s focus on meeting the transportation needs of this fast-growing area. In addition, four of the Top 10 projects are located far from the Wasatch Front in southern and eastern Utah, where these projects will improve vital transportation links for local communities.

The following are UDOT’s Top 10 Projects for 2017:

  1. Bangerter Highway Interchanges, $249 million

Construction starts April 2017; scheduled completion late 2018.

UDOT’s No. 1 project in the state this year is the simultaneous construction of five new freeway-style interchanges on Bangerter Highway. New interchanges will be built at 5400 South, 7000 South, 9000 South, and 11400 South, along with an interchange under construction at 600 West, to meet the growing transportation need in the southwest Salt Lake Valley. The interchanges at 600 West and 7000 South will be completed this year.

  1. I-215—4700 South to S.R. 201, $105 million

Construction continues from last season; scheduled completion late 2017.

Crews will complete last year’s top project: the reconstruction of the I-215 west belt between S.R. 201 and 4700 South. This includes replacing bridges over S.R. 201, widening the freeway with new exit-only lanes, and upgrading signals and traffic management systems.

  1. Mountain View Corridor, $168 million

Construction continues from last season; scheduled completion late 2018.

UDOT is extending Mountain View Corridor in two counties. In Salt Lake County, construction continues on a new stretch of highway between 5400 South and 4100 South. Starting this fall, Mountain View Corridor in Utah County will be extended from the Redwood Road/2100 North intersection to S.R. 73.

  1. I-15—Brigham Road to Dixie Drive, $28 million

Construction started in January; scheduled completion late 2017.

UDOT is adding auxiliary lanes on I-15 in St. George between exits 4 and 5 (Brigham Road and Dixie Drive) as part of a multi-year plan to upgrade I-15 in the St. George area.

  1. 10600 South Interchange Improvements and Widening, $31 million

Construction starts this spring; scheduled completion spring 2017.

This project will add an underpass at the I-15/10600 South interchange to connect the northbound off-ramp to Monroe Street, just west of South Towne Mall. UDOT is also completing maintenance on the 10600 South bridge over I-15, and widening 10600 South from I-15 to Redwood Road.

  1. Redwood Road, $97 million

Construction starts this spring; scheduled completion late 2018.

Three major projects are being constructed this year on Redwood Road: a new diverging diamond interchange at I-215 in North Salt Lake; widening a section between 12600 South and Bangerter Highway from two lanes to seven lanes; and widening a section between 400 South and Stillwater Parkway to five lanes, and adding a new continuous flow intersection at Pioneer Crossing in Saratoga Springs.

  1. I-80—1300 East to Foothill Drive, $12 million

Construction starts this summer; scheduled completion fall 2017.

UDOT will repave a 2.5 mile section of I-80 in Salt Lake City. More than 93,000 vehicles drive this section of I-80 sees per day, and the project will help extend the useful life of the pavement as well as provide a smoother ride for drivers.

  1. S. 191 Corridor, $43 million

Construction started in March; scheduled completion fall 2017.

UDOT will complete 13 different projects along U.S. 6/U.S. 191 in Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Juan counties. These include road widenings, intersection improvements, and paving projects, and will reduce congestion and enhance safety for drivers on this important tourism and truck route through southeastern Utah.

  1. S. 40—Myton Bench Widening, $35 Million

Construction started in February; scheduled completion fall 2017.

This project will widen a six-mile section of U.S. 40 to five lanes in Duchesne County. It will include adding new travel lanes, along with 10-foot shoulders, that will help keep traffic moving safely between the Wasatch Front and the Uinta Basin.

  1. I-70— Richfield South to Richfield North, $15 million

Construction starts in May; scheduled completion fall 2017.

UDOT is resurfacing four miles on I-70 in Richfield, from the south interchange to the north interchange, and performing bridge maintenance at several locations in the area.


UDOT reminds drivers that construction schedules are weather-dependent and subject to change. For the latest information on traffic restrictions during construction, visit the UDOT Traffic website ( or download the UDOT Traffic app. Drivers can also follow UDOT on social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Media Contact:

John Gleason

UDOT Public Information Officer

Cell: 801-560-7740

29 thoughts on “New Bangerter Highway interchanges lead UDOT’s Top 10 Projects for 2017”

  1. David Rowland

    Please begin AND finish the extension of Elk Ridge Dr near Payson/Salem from UT198 to the I-15 Benjamin exit. Thanks

    Oh…and a traffic light at Elk Ridge Dr and UT198

  2. ConcernedCitizen

    Was I-80 Eastbound from Tooele even considered? With all the accidents that happen at this way and completely shut down most options for traveling back and forth to Salt Lake, it’s scary for us to know we may be trapped if a disaster happens. Driving around to Lehi to get to Salt Lake is pretty ridiculous and dangerous in bad weather. We need your help.

  3. UDOT Communications

    The proposed Mid-Valley Highway is one the Transportation Commission will look at. That project is intended to relieve congestion on I-80 at S.R. 36 by giving drivers west of Tooele a separate access point.

    Another proposed project UDOT has planned will extend SR-201 to SR-36 to alleviate traffic congestion and provide an alternate route between Salt Lake and Tooele counties. The roadway will run parallel to the current I-80 alignment from the eastbound lanes to the railroad tracks to the south. This project is currently awaiting funding, and as such, a timeline has not been established.

    Elected officials have identified the Mid Valley Highway as a higher priority project, so that’s the one that has moved ahead.

  4. Bret Randall

    I live north of Daybreak and commute downtown to work. Why on earth didn’t UDOT focus all of its efforts to connect Mountain View to SR201 FIRST, before blowing up Bangerter, U-111, and I-215 at the same time? There are zero options for commuters. Had UDOT connected Mountain View first, commuters would have an outlet. The planning makes no sense.

  5. Brent Jensen

    As a west valley resident me and many others are very concerned and even angry at the road conditions on east-west running streets such as 31rst south, 41rst south, 47th south, and 62nd south. Is udot involved with these roads? I’m told they are maintained by the cities but clearly they are in very poor shape and could perhaps use help from the state level..
    The projects on 54th south and 35th south have helped with traffic flow a good amount but with 4 other main roads the traffic is appalling.
    I want to say thanks for the focus on i215 as it was falling apart. Also on redesigning bangerter as it should have been, a freeway in the first place. This is a concern me and many others have with the mountain view corridor. It should be more of a freeway than have multiple lights. Same as the issues on 201 on the west side. At the reconstruction the lights should have been removed.
    Just some thoughts from residents.

  6. Brent Jensen

    Also thanks for putting focus on i80 near foot hill and 1300 east. That section is heavily used and it shows. The bridge is the worst section of i80 on the state.

  7. Zach Whitney

    Hi Brent: Thanks for the comment. UDOT is responsible for construction and maintenance of state roads only. Upgrades are based on need and cost. Unfortunately 3100, 4100 and 6200 are locally maintained. UDOT often coordinates and helps local municipalities with safety and improvement projects on those local roads, but that’s usually only done at the request of the local government. I would suggest contacting the cities and talking to them about plans to upgrade or fix problem spots on those corridors.

  8. Zach Whitney

    Hi Bret: Thank you for your comment. We understand your concern with construction on multiple routes at once. A lot of it comes down to available funding and project timing. We would prefer to finish Mountain View Corridor, knowing it would relieve a lot of the congestion that comes from growth and other construction. Unfortunately several sections are still awaiting final environmental approval. In addition, we are still acquiring property and address utility work that needs to be done before construction on the roadway can start. See more about the progress on the Mountain View Corridor here:

    While all that is happening on Mountain View Corridor, we cannot delay other projects. The reconstruction of Bangerter Highway is necessary to accommodate growth and the reconstruction of I-215 was necessary to replace the aging concrete. We do try and stagger schedules, but often it cannot be avoided. Thank you for your patience while we work to finish these projects as soon as we can.

  9. Mark stone

    When are you putting Bridges on all of the mountain view corridor intersections,and when is UDOT going to widing I-15 from kaysville to 31st in Ogden,it’s time us people in Davis county stop getting put last from UDOT.mark

  10. Zach Whitney

    Hi Mark. Interchanges on Mountain View Corridor will be added once traffic demands on that road deem them necessary. And there’s actually a project scheduled for next year to add Express Lanes from Kaysville to 31st street in Ogden.

  11. Heather Goodenough

    Happy to know bangerter highway will be fixed. Taking 3 or 4 lights to cross bangerter ( especially on 5400 south) is getting frustrating. However, the stop lights to get on every I15 enterence is ridiculous. Cars can’t merge onto freeway from a dead stop. Stupidest idea ever! Just teach drivers to not ride in the on-off right hand lane (especially semis) and those lights would be obsolete. Do the udot planners ever use I15? Cause if they did they would realize these lights cause nothing but gridlock.

  12. Brad Woodbury

    Many of us in Herriman are concerned that with all the new high density homes, malls, soccer stadium, college and businesses presently being constructed and scheduled to be built along 13400 S corridor that it will soon become a transportation nightmare. 13400 S is the main artery for getting and out of the city of Herriman. What are Udots plans for 13400 S besides making it an interchange in years down the road?

  13. Zach Whitney

    Hi Brad. 13400 S is actually owned and maintained by the cities. UDOT owns and operates street designated with a state route number (For example: Redwood Rd [S.R. 68] or 12600 from Bangerter to I-15 [S.R. 71]. The best thing to do would be to talk to the city about their plans for the corridor. Often cities will work with UDOT on widening projects, but those projects will always originate from the city.

  14. Robin

    I am curious if the intersection at 9800 S. and Bangerter is being considered for a new interchange and if so, when would construction on this potentially begin? (If approved of course)

    Thank You,

  15. Zach Whitney

    Hi Robin, thanks for the comment. Yes, an interchange at 9800 S and Bangerter is part of the overall plan. There is not a projected start date yet, as that particular intersection is unfunded at this point. You can see the current schedule on the project’s website, under the schedule tab along the top navigation bar.

    Thanks again for the comment.

  16. Susan S.

    What is the construction going on on Mountain View Corridor between 6200 South and 9000 South with 24-hour lane closures? And how long will it last?

  17. Zach Whitney

    Susan: Sorry for the delay in responding. I had to check with the project team about the current schedule. Crews were constructing new turn lanes along that section. Southbound lanes should now be open and Northbound lanes are scheduled to reopen this weekend. However,those new turn lanes will not yet be accessible. If you have additional questions or concerns about the project, feel free to contact the project team directly at 800-596-2556 or by mail at

  18. mike vile

    Hello, I was wondering if you had any sketches or illustrations of what the 5400 south and bangerter overpass will look like when it’s complete?

  19. Scott Macdonald

    West of I15 in the fast growing south end of Salt Lake valley, east/west travel during peak hours are deplorable. Is it possible to turn one of main arteries like 90th south or 106th south, etc. into a freeway connecting Bangarter and mountain view?

  20. Zach Whitney

    Hi Melinda: The south side of the pedestrian crossing is still open; north side is closed. If you have additional concerns, please contact the project team directly. They can be reached at Thanks for the comment.

  21. Nicole Graham

    We live off 4100s and bangerter. We are curious if the expansion will happen by us also? (Just wondering if we will end up needing to move).

  22. Zach Whitney

    Nicole. UDOT plans to reconstruct all of the intersections on Bangerter Highway into freeway-style interchanges, including the one at 4100 S. Currently, however, this intersection is unfunded, meaning there is no schedule on when that construction might take place.

  23. Cleo

    How you reply may/may not cause a divorce in our family. We live approximately 9500 South and 3700 West. My husband is sure our sub division is going to be “torn down.” Please say this is NOT so. I see that 9800 South may get an interchange but I can’t see that it is going north or 9800 south into the neighborhood. Please give me the answer I am seeking.

  24. Alex

    A friend of mine were discussing the possibility of 9800s & Bangerter future interchange. He was under the opinion that there is no need to access Bangerter at 9800s. Has UDOT studied the traffic at this intersection to determine if an interchange is necessary? He thought making it a pass-under/over bridge similiar to 11800s & Bangerter.

  25. Zach Whitney

    Cleo: Plans for an interchange at 9800 S and Bangerter Highway are still unfunded, and an alignment has not been identified. That likely will not happen for a few years. Timelines will be updated on our website,

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