What’s Next on I-15

What’s Next on I-15

The I-15 Technology Corridor: S.R. 92 to Lehi Main Street


As the crossroads of the west, I-15 is essential to keeping Utah’s economy moving. That’s why the Utah Department of Transportation consistently looks for ways to enhance I-15.
In 2012, the I-15 CORE project was completed, and 24 miles of I-15 were widened and reconstructed from Lehi to Spanish Fork. Earlier this week, The Point project was completed, and seven more miles of I-15 were widened and reconstructed, this time from Lehi to Draper. Now, many drivers want to know, “What about Lehi Main to S.R. 92?”
Plans are already in the works to improve this section of I-15. The Utah Transportation Commission has allocated $450 million to reconstruct the freeway in this area, known as the I-15 Technology Corridor. Currently, construction on the project is programmed to begin in 2020. The project will reconstruct and widen the freeway, add two lanes in each direction, and reconstruct the interchanges at S.R. 92 and 2100 North.
In addition, new one-way frontage roads will be built on both sides of the freeway between those two interchanges, and a new bridge will be built to carry Triumph Boulevard/2300 West over I-15. Other improvements included in this project are 13 bridge replacements and new bicycle and pedestrian features.
The five-mile stretch of freeway between S.R. 92 and Lehi Main Street is located near the epicenter for the state’s tech sector growth, and the nearby population has expanded at a similar rate. UDOT has already begun work to prepare for construction to begin within the next few years.
To stay up to date on this project, visit the project website here. You can also download a project fact sheet here, or view a map of the project area here.

4 thoughts on “What’s Next on I-15”

  1. Jared Didas

    So the ones of us that live in Lehi have to deal with the back ups on the freeway for the next 5 years until it’s done. Nice. Seems like to me they should start it next year.

  2. UDOT Communications Post Author

    Jared: Unfortunately, the $450 million needed to start the project isn’t currently available in the State budget until 2020. If the state legislature is able to free up funds before then, we would be able to start sooner. It all comes down to when the funds are available.

  3. Rick kuester

    Why wasn’t lehi Included in one of the other projects? Seems counter productive to update the i15 corridor but leave out a crucial section that has been a bottleneck for at least 20 years

  4. UDOT Communications Post Author

    Hi Rick. Thanks for the comment. That’s a fair question, and the answer all comes down to funds. The Utah State Legislature allocates funds for projects based on that year’s budget. At some point projects become too big too fund at one time, which is why the I-15 reconstruction has been done in several phases. We actually wanted to include that section in The Point Project, but in the end it only had just enough funds to reconstruct the freeway from 12300 South to just before S.R. 92. The next project will bridge the gap, but unfortunately funding is not currently available until 2020.

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