UDOT Launches New Technology Making Crosswalks Safer for Students, Crossing Guards

UDOT Launches New Technology Making Crosswalks Safer for Students, Crossing Guards
UDOT first in the nation to arm local school crossing guards with tool to enable longer “walk” time during peak hours

WEST JORDAN (Sept. 14, 2016) — The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) unveiled a new technology Wednesday that allows school crossing guards to add extra “walk” time on a crosswalk signal during peak periods. This increases safety by allowing students more time to get across the busy street.

By using a newly engineered key on signal boxes, crossing guards can now add 10-15 seconds of extra “walk” time during morning and afternoon hours when students walk and bike to school. This increases safety and allows traffic to continue moving smoothly and efficiently throughout the day.

UDOT’s Traffic Operations Center is the first in the nation to develop this technology. Installing the key costs about $20 per crosswalk, plus 30 minutes of installation time for an electrician.

“This is a low cost, easy solution that will pay off with increased safety and better traffic flow for the area, which is UDOT’s ultimate goal,” said UDOT School and Pedestrian Safety Program Manager Cherissa Olson. “We want to make sure students are getting to and from school every day safe and sound.”

Crossing guards who help students cross the busy 9000 South near 2200 West to Hawthorn Academy and Westvale Elementary in West Jordan every day welcome the new technology.

“With all of the traffic in this area, something had to be done to help our students get to and from school safely,” said Cindy Jacobsen, crossing guard supervisor for West Jordan. “This new tool from UDOT gives us an easy solution that will make our jobs easier.”

Schools interested in using this new technology at their crosswalks can email askudottraffic@utah.gov.




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  1. Zach Whitney

    This technology is being implemented at various locations throughout Utah. Right now it’s just on a “as requested” basis.

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