Region Two Sign Crew Members Get a Silver Barrel Award for Quick Installation


Silver Barrel Award recipients (From left): Jayson Kesler, Amber Mortenson and Brandon Butters with UDOT executive director Carlos Braceras.

Sign Crew members Jayson Kesler and Brandon Butters and Traffic and Safety Coordinator Amber Mortenson received the Silver Barrel award Wednesday for their quick work getting a crosswalk up and ready for kids walking to school.
Earlier this month, region two was given the approval to install a school crosswalk across 3500 South and 6180 West due to some recent school boundary changes.
After a site visit Amber Mortenson contacted Jayson Kesler, lead at the sign crew, and explained to him that we needed signs up before school started that coming Wednesday. Jayson and crew went out and installed the foundations and posts later that day. The sign installation was delayed until the pavement markings could be installed.
Just a few days later, the city requested they be allowed to stripe the crosswalk since they had a crew available and it was needed the very next morning. So late in the day Amber again called on Jayson and his crew with a emergency request, asking them to in stall the signs before 6:45 the next morning.
Jayson did not hesitate and told Amber he would make it happen. Jayson’s entire crew is working on SR-150, most of them are even staying locally to make the job more efficient, so they were not close. Jayson Kesler and Brandon Buttars made the drive at 3:30 am to get the signs from the station and have them installed before the kids started crossing at 6:45 am.
The kids had a safe passage and the local police thanked them for helping make that possible on such short notice.
The sign crew always does what is asked of them with a smile and without complaining.



The Silver Barrel Recipients with the entire Region Two leadership team.

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