Newly completed project to reduce traffic delays in Layton

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Newly completed project to reduce traffic delays in Layton

UDOT and Layton City project includes innovative ThrU Turns, single-point urban interchange to improve traffic flow

LAYTON, Utah (Aug. 31, 2016) – Leaders from Layton City and the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) on Wednesday marked the completion of the Layton Improved project, a two-year construction effort designed to meet the city’s unique traffic challenges.

UDOT engineers estimate traffic delays in the area will generally be reduced by about five minute


Lawmakers and business leaders buried a time capsule with items representing the different elements that came together to get the Layton Hill Field Road Interchange project completed.

s. In the past, it could take motorists as long as 10 minutes to go a half-mile from Main Street to Layton Hills Mall, with cars frequently backing up on the freeway.

UDOT and Layton leaders worked together to tailor solutions to improve traffic flow, driver safety and access to local businesses. The $28 million project includes four ThrU Turns, a single-point urban interchange, two wider bridges on I-15 and additional lanes in each direction on Hill Field Road.

“Now that construction is done, drivers will really notice the difference in their everyday commute, with fewer delays and less congestion in this area,” said UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras. “Layton has some unique traffic challenges, and this project would not be possible without the great partnerships with Layton City and the local businesses.”

Representatives from UDOT, Layton City and the Utah State Legislature participated in a commemorative time-capsule event to celebrate the collaboration and to mark the completion of the project. In addition, many area businesses are offering promotions now through the end of the month.

For more project information, visit To download a video showing what it was like to drive the area before and after construction, and for general project b-roll, visit


John Gleason
UDOT Public Information Officer


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