#WorkForUsWednesday – July 20, 2016

For this week’s #WorkForUsWednesday, we have several different positions that cover a number of different UDOT departments. They’re primarily located in region one and the UDOT complex.

UDOT’s mission is to innovate transportation solutions that strengthen Utah’s economy and enhance quality of life. Come join a workforce of over 1,600 employees who all work hard to keep Utah moving.

  • Recruitment #09184 – Port of Entry Agent (Motor Carrier Spec), Echo Port of Entry, Opens 7/13/16, Closes 7/28/16
  • Recruitment #09290 – Property Manager (Right of Way Agent II), Complex – Right of Way, Opens 7/15/16, Closes 7/26/16
  • Recruitment #09309 – Training Coordinator (Trainer III), TL with benefits, Complex – Training, Opens 7/15/16, Closes7/26/16
  • Recruitment #09283 – HPMS Data and Research Analyst (Research Analyst), TL with benefits, Complex – Asset Management, Opens 7/15/16, Closes 7/26/16
  • Recruitment #09337 – Land Surveyor, Region 1 – Ogden, Opens 07/19/2016, Closes 08/01/2016
  • Recruitment #09359 – Transportation Technician II, Region 1 – Bothwell, Opens 07/19/2016, Closes 07/26/2016
  • Recruitment #09352 – GIS Analyst, Complex – Program Development, Opens 07/19/2016, Closes 08/01/2016

Visit the Utah State Jobs website for more information on the specific job roles and to actually apply for these position. Simply filter the search criteria by department to (810) Department of Transportation, and you’ll be on your way.

We hope to see you proudly wearing UDOT orange soon.

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