Media Event: New technique demolishes bridge deck with water

Media invited to witness hydro demolition, a force of 36,000 PSI of water pressure to remove bridge deck on I-215


Local media are invited to take a tour of the I-215 construction zone and view hydro demolition work up-close. Hydro demolition uses high pressure water jets to demolish concrete bridge decks without damaging the reinforcing steel or structure underneath.

The I-215 reconstruction project is one of the first in Utah to use this new technique, which is quicker and more precise than traditional bridge deck demolition methods. Other projects utilizing this method include the U.S. 40 bridge maintenance project currently underway in Summit County, and an upcoming bridge maintenance project starting next month on the I-215 east belt.


Friday, July 29, 2016, at 9 a.m.

  • Shuttle vehicles will leave promptly at 9:15 a.m. Media members will be escorted to the work zone for on-site interviews and video/photos, then will be returned to the Traffic Operations Center.


UDOT Traffic Operations Center, 2060 South 2760 West

Meet in parking lot located across the street on the east side of the building

  • To enter the construction zone, participants must wear long pants and closed-toed shoes. In addition, personal protective equipment will be provided and must be worn.


Oanh Le-Spradlin, project manager for the I-215 reconstruction project


  • Up-close view of hydro demolition machinery, including high-pressure water jets, debris removal vacuums, and other construction equipment
  • View of the construction zone and live traffic passing on I-215

Media Contact:
John Gleason
Public Information Office
Cell: 801-560-7740

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