New Mobile App: UDOT Click ‘n Fix

Photo of iPhone Click 'n Fix appDid you know that 630 UDOT maintenance employees take care of nearly 6,000 miles of highway around Utah? It’s true, and they do an excellent job of finding and fixing issues before most of us even notice. However, with that many roads, we can help them by keeping an eye out for problems and letting them know about it. To make submitting service requests as easy as possible, we’ve implemented a new iPhone and Android app called UDOT Click ‘n Fix.

UDOT Click ‘n Fix allows anyone to report an issue by dropping a pin on a map at the location of the problem. It also allows others to see everything that has been reported and to add their own comments or follow the issue to receive notifications.

Once the location is selected Click ‘n Fix asks a few follow up questions to help crews understand what needs to be fixed. Submitted issues are sent to UDOT crews and a response is posted as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, UDOT will only be able to help with issues on federal interstates and state highways like Bangerter Highway (S.R. 154) and State Street (U.S. 89). Also, while safety is our top priority, this tool is for non-emergency purposes.

To use UDOT Click ‘n Fix, download the iPhone or Android app or visit the UDOT website and use the embedded widget.

See the desktop tutorial:

See a mobile tutorial at

16 thoughts on “New Mobile App: UDOT Click ‘n Fix”

  1. Becky Parker Post Author

    There isn’t a UDOT Click ‘n Fix Windows version however we have partnered with See Click Fix to provide the app and they do have a Windows version. The only difference is that you won’t be alerted if you try and report something on a route UDOT doesn’t maintain.

  2. John Baylis

    On victory rode, uphill southeast bound, just before the radar, is a dead deer that has been there for two weeks. We thought may be a sander or a UHP might have seen it and would have arranged for removal, unless someone is going to defer it to SLC streets, and then let them worry about it. Any way, some carnivore will get hit eating it if it doesn’t get removed.

    Thank you,

  3. Dominique

    Yeah.. what’s up with dissin’ Windows Mobile? I’m kinda sick of apps only being made for Apple and Google.

    Can you at least give us an explanation?

  4. Becky Parker Post Author

    For the Click ‘n Fix app we partnered with See Click Fix and they do offer a Windows version. Unfortunately it does not contain our GIS data so it will not alert you if you try and report something that is not on a UDOT maintained route.

  5. Becky Parker Post Author

    I would recommend entering the information on the Click ‘n Fix app or on our website to help us pinpoint the location. I’m not sure where the “radar” is.

  6. willard Haugen

    On antelope drive from Clearfield to Syracuse, where Antelope crosses the two railroad bridges the expansion joints on both bridges are really getting rough. Please consider planing or smoothing the road over both bridges. Thanks. Willard Haugen 801-825-8195.

  7. Tammy Black

    On the new purposed intersection for I-15 and 1200W/2100 N in Lehi. Have you looked at the amount of traffic the travels east and west on 2100 N ..east of 1200 W. to get to the freeway on ramps for north and southbound? on the new intersection you have a right turn only and force a large amount of traffic to go through residential areas to get to the I-15 on ramps.

  8. Jeremy montoya

    I got a flat and a bent time do to extremely bad area on 215 salt lake ,I called high patrol he agreed was not good u dot fix area but my car is still damaged who can reimburse me for the $600.00 damage to my car

  9. Becky Parker Post Author


    Claim requests are handled by each of our regional offices. In Salt Lake County, our Region Two office would be able to answers questions and provide details. They can be reached at 801-975-4900.

    Thank you.

  10. Sheldon Hatch

    There is a spot on 215 West heading north in between the 4700 South and their 3500 South exit. It looks like it’s a previous Patchwork area. 3rd or 4th lane, a huge chunk missing out of freeway!! If I would have hit that today while driving my van with kids–well, I don’t even want to think about that. Someone is going to get seriously hurt, or worse. Please, PLEASE UDOT if you would, get this fixed for everyone’s safety. Even your family! Thanks

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