Employee Advisory Council November 2014 Meeting

The Employee Advisory Council met November 3, 2014. Items that were included in the discussion included:

  • Overtime
  • Communicating Meeting Informaiton to Groups
  • Team Building and Morale Issues
  • Training and Conferences
  • Learning from Other States
  • Department Safety Initiative

Notes from the meeting are available below.

EAC November 2014 Summary

Information from previous meetings has also been posted on the blog.

Employee Advisory Council

One thought on “Employee Advisory Council November 2014 Meeting”

  1. Grant Johnson

    When some construction jobs go out, they are not completed even though they are signed off on. I puts the burden on maintenance to finish the job. It is a double cost to the tax payer and it uses valuable resources that could be used by the shed on other projects. Look at the Riverdale Road project, and all the fencing, plow-able ends etc that still need to be done. When 12th street project was signed off on, none of the signs had been installed and the maintenance shed ended up paying for and installing them.

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