Utah County’s first CFI is on the fast track.

UDOT has been busy converting a regular intersection to a Continuous Flow Intersection on University Parkway and Sandhill Road as part of the I-15 CORE Project. The intersection is used by nearly 70 thousand cars per day. Converting it to a CFI will improve the flow of traffic by 20 percent and improve safety for drivers turning left from University Parkway onto Sandhill Road.

The opening of the new intersection is another significant milestone as I-15 CORE progresses toward completion in December.The project is being built on an accelerated schedule and will be completed on Tuesday, May 22 after one month 0f construction.

“With a three-day closure scheduled to begin Friday night, construction on University Parkway will get worse before it gets better,” said UDOT spokesperson Mindy Nelson. “It will all be worth it when the new continuous flow intersection opens on Tuesday, and east/west drivers will see more green lights.”

UDOT encourages drivers to learn how to drive the intersection before it opens on Tuesday by viewing a new tutorial.

UDOT is working hard to reduce traffic delay by making the current system work more efficiently and by increasing capacity where appropriate. Individual drivers can also make choices that can help save time, use less energy and reduce traffic congestion. Visit the TravelWise website to investigate some effective strategies like trip-chaining and alternative work schedules.

2 thoughts on “UTAH COUNTY’S CFI”

  1. Nat Whilk

    Isn’t it a little dangerous to create a traffic structure that people need to study before using? Do you expect tourists to use your tutorial before visiting?

  2. Catherine Higgins

    Thanks for your questions. UDOT posts videos as customer service for the public and drivers don’t need to view the video before driving a CFI. Although the CFI intersection is unusual compared to regular intersections, UDOT uses approved standard MUTCD pavement markings, signs and signals so the roadway environment is familiar to road users. Anyone approaching the intersection should be able to navigate through without any difficulty by just paying attention. UDOT traffic engineers who have observed traffic on the opening day of operation of the CFIs have seen very few confused motorists.

    I am glad you are concerned about safety. You’ll be glad to know that CFI’s contribute to the safety of the roadway by routing left-turning traffic through at the same time as through traffic. Conflict points in intersections are defined as points where vehicles traveling in opposing directions would collide if every signal in the intersection had a green light. CFIs have fewer conflict points, and therefore fewer opportunities for collisions.

    CFIs may contribute to safely indirectly as well. Because traffic flow is improved with a CFI, traffic congestion is reduced and fewer rear-end collisions are likely to occur.

    Thanks again for your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions or to leave comments on the UDOT Blog.

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