UDOT, the Utah Highway Patrol, and Zero Fatalities are encouraging people to buckle up not just for themselves but also for their loved ones.

The Zero Fatalities team kicked off the year at its annual press conference by announcing that Utah’s traffic fatalities are at the lowest point they have been since 1974 with 233 fatalities. While the numbers have gone down, the stats are still no where near reaching its goal. This past year, Utah had an 89.2 percent seat belt usage rate—yet the 11 percent who did not buckle up accounted for more than 30 percent of the traffic fatalities alone, and more than one in three traffic fatalities over the last five years.

The conference also highlighted a young girl Ashli Hendricks who was devastated when a tragic car crash took her father’s life in 2001. A video of Ashli’s story was shown which spoke to parents who don’t wear seat belts and are putting their families’ futures at risk.

Based on a focus group conducted by UDOT, drivers say that their motivation for buckling up is if their family members tell them to. Speakers emphasized to drivers the importance of thinking about others, especially their loved ones, when driving on the road and not wearing a seat belt.

“It may not be the most important thing to you,” said Ashli. “But it is the most important thing to [your family].”

This guest post was written by Monica Hasebi. Monica is an information specialist in the UDOT Communications Office.


  1. Sam

    Didn’t know why would I be on this page when I was looking for tips on how to get my ex boyfriend back. But anyway, thanks Monica for the post! It’s good to know that a person can be motivated to do something by the family members. I think it’s all about love and care. Hope it will be less fatalities in the future.

  2. Peter, Orlando Florida

    Thank you Monica. This is one for my kids to watch. We live in Orlando Florida, with a lot of tourists on the road, many with habits of driving on the wrong side of the road (UK). If only our kids would understand that, in many cases, it does not have to be your fault…
    Strength to the Allred family.

  3. Nasser D.

    Thanks Monica,in 2005 my wife was in accident both cars were totaled ,fortunately car seat buckled up saved my 3 month old son,i am great full .
    Thank s

  4. Jordan in Orlando

    This is a very important message. Good presentation and awareness building here.I also live in Orlando and driving is very risky here at times, especially for tourists and non-locals.

  5. Sri, Emerald Island Resort Orlando

    This is a very interesting and informative video that drivers coming from other countries must realize. I talk to families who visit our Orlando homes and sometimes they don’t realize the rules of road as well as the need to wear seat belts. I will be saving this link and sharing with them as part of our welcome instructions.

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