A yearly video contest invites teens to tell their peers why smart driving is important.

Don’t Drive Stupid is a Zero Fatalities  communication effort that tells teens to take driving seriously. Unfortunately, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens across the nation. A combination of factors may contribute to the sad statistic. Teens tend to drive with multiple passengers which puts young drivers at risk for being distracted. And, teens lack experience in high risk driving situations. The Don’t Drive Stupid video contest lets teens create a message that resonates with other young drivers.

Kasper Kubica is the winner of the 2012 contest:


One thought on “PEER TO PEER”

  1. Saidur Mamun

    Awesome work done by Kasper.. Putting traffic signs are not enough to ensure safer road, this kind of awareness programs are really necessary. Hats off to the kid to developed the video.

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