Dedication, cooperation and hard work has earned the crew from UDOT Region Two Maintenance Shed 237  a Quality Award supported by the Western Association of State Highway Officials.

Each spring, Maintenance Station 237 has the job of clearing away snow on the Mirror Lake Highway. Even with the ominous amount of snowfall last season, the efficient crew buckled down and removed the snow quickly.

WASHTO lends support to transportation agencies that have a quality improvement program. Each year, state agencies choose winners according to how those employees support the mission of the agency. UDOT has a committee that judges nominations and selects the team or employees that are most deserving.  UDOT’s program is called Achieving Great Performance. This week and next, blog posts will highlight award winners.

UDOT Region Two winners: Maintenance Station 237

Lonnie Marchant, Region Two Materials Engineer nominated the crew from 237 “because they strive for and achieve high quality work.” Whether it’s partnering with local agencies, keeping roads clear from snow, completing important routine maintenance or participating in construction functions, crew members “quietly go about their work and consistently do a great job,” says Marchant.

Crew members take a personal interest in their work to maintain roads, bridges and drainage systems, and they grade their own performance by “how it will affect their own families and neighbors,” according to Marchant. The crew works with local agencies including the United States Forest Service, Summit County and Kamas City. Because the shed crew really cares about the local area, they work hard to keep strong positive relationships with other agencies and work with them to maintain the highways in the area.

Keeping traffic moving

Located in Kamas, Station 237 is a mountainous region that includes heavily traveled routes that connect to I-80 and provide access to popular recreation areas. Keeping the roads clear during the winter is important to keeping residents connected to I-80 and maintaining the safety and connectivity of local traffic. Even though the area typically receives high snow fall, “there is no doubt that the roadways will be cleared in time for the morning commute and the school buses to get to school,” says Marchant, who also lives in the area.

Each spring, the crew has the job of clearing away snow and opening the Mirror Lake Highway to traffic. Even with the ominous amount of snowfall last season, the efficient crew buckled down and removed the snow quickly.

With last winter’s heavy snowfall, the shed crew and local residents worried that flooding would wash out some roads. To avert problems, the crew installed an additional pipe crossing that helped avoid flooding. Crews also helped with sand bagging and were vigilant at removing debris from drainage systems.

Taking care of what we have

All members of the crew contribute to UDOT’s productivity and efficiency by participating in the Transportation Technician program. Trans-techs are trained to do double duty. Winter tasks, such as snow removal, take half of the year. During construction season, Trans-techs support construction by conducting inspections or taking samples for materials testing. Because of their training and knowledge about the transportation and safety issues specific to their area, crew members have been able to participate in the construction projects and give needed input to mitigate a variety of issues.

All of the equipment used by the shed crew during all seasons is maintained to high standards. Keeping equipment like trucks, plows or snow blowers, in good condition gives taxpayers added value since up-keep prolongs the life of the expensive assets.

Through their diligence, Marchant believes the team members “have definitely had a positive impact on the quality of the end products that are delivered to the public. “I believe this demonstrates that Shed 237 is committed to Achieving Great Performance.”

Congratulations to:

Tyler Page

Shane Bushell

Tim Mitchell

Tom Snyder

Ted McCormick

Earl Walsh