UDOT roads are smart.

Cables buried along freeways and major surface streets  send information to a sophisticated computerized system that monitors and manages traffic flow. The CommuterLink website is the public face of the system, and road users have depended on the website to steer clear of traffic delay by getting up to the minute information about weather, road construction and crashes.

Now, smart phone users can have convenient access to the same information by using UDOT’s new app,  UDOT Traffic. The free app is available at the iTunes Store and Google Play and includes:

  • A  Google Maps display
  • Traffic conditions
  • Crashes, construction and hazards
  • Special events
  • Road weather and forecasts
  • Seasonal road closures
  • Traffic camera images
  • Roadway sign messages

    A new app, UDOT Traffic, features a Google Maps display

 Help UDOT reach the ZERO Fatalities goal — never use this app while driving.

18 thoughts on “UDOT TRAFFIC”

  1. Anna Harris

    According to me “UDOT traffic” is an amazing navigation app for android users as it’s just not only give you directions but also renders your other details such as traffic conditions, crashes, construction etc. so can choose your way according to the information…

  2. Ashish Algosoft

    I think the team needs to check about the ios app as its no more available to download and google app also needs to be updated . Hope it will work for my device to give a real feedback about the app

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