A recently completed project in Sandy rebuilt 1300 East to accommodate pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Let's get this party started! Celebrants gather at the Dimple Dell Crossing for the 1300 East project ribbon-cutting.

The ribbon-cutting party is over, but road users will be celebrating the reconstruction of 1300 East in Sandy for many years to come. The project exemplifies how Federal, State and local governments can partner to provide cost saving and safety features to improve area connectivity and enhance quality of life.

1300 East, the busiest north-south road in Sandy City, carries an estimated 45,000 trips per day.  Reducing traffic delay and idling and improving safety at intersections were major project objectives. These new features accomplish those worthy goals while providing new and improved amenities:

  • Cost efficient LED street lights provide more effective lighting while reducing energy consumption
  • New turn lanes at the lighted intersections help traffic move more efficiently and reduce idling
  • Sidewalks, trails and bicycle lanes give people more transportation and recreation options

Two crossing lets park users enjoy 680 acres of green space. (Click map to enlarge.)

A massive pedestrian tunnel at Dimple Dell Park opens the way to 680 acres of beautiful continuous green space.  Combined with the newly constructed bridge at 700 East, this crossing lets pedestrians, equestrians, motorists and cyclists move through the park from Bonneville Shoreline Trail on the east to the Sandy Civic Center on the west without having to cross a road.

The award winning crossing at Dimple Dell was was constructed using a massive 14’ x 14’ Megabox culvert.  The 13-piece precast tunnel was installed while keeping utilities lines intact and maintaining one lane of traffic in each direction.

The 1300 East project in Sandy is a prime example of how transportation projects enhance the quality of life for Utah citizens.

A crane lowers a section of the mega-box culvert.


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