More Utahns are choosing cycling to commute, get in shape or enjoy plentiful recreation opportunities.  As more cyclists take to the road, it’s more pressing that motorists and cyclists to know and comply with the rules of the road.


Show some respect by learning the rules of the road.

A recent survey shows that over half of respondents unaware of Utah’s laws regarding motorist and cyclist safety. UDOT and the Utah Department of Public Safety are partnering to promote knowledge of the rules. A new public education program, “Road Respect,” is designed to promote public knowledge of Utah law for motorists and cyclists. The campaign features billboards, radio ads and an information-rich website. To kick off the Road Respect campaign, Utah cyclists will participate in rides and events throughout the state starting Monday, June 13.

Do you know the rules? Whether you cycle, drive or do some of both, check out the Road Respect website to learn more about how you can share the road.

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