More than 100 law enforcement agencies across the state are joining forces to remind drivers to wear seat belts.

Wearing car seat belts correctly is the most important thing drivers and passengers can do to avoid serious injury or death in the event of a crash. Eighty nine percent of drivers buckle-up – the 11 percent who don’t are the focus of this year’s “Click It or Ticket” enforcement effort. State Troopers and local law enforcement hope those drivers will re-think going belt-free.

David Bartholomew, Memorial Cemetaries and Mortuaries, explains how difficult the loss of a loved one is on family members.

For drivers who don’t wear seat belts, a ticket should be the least of their worries. The un-belted account for 50 percent of fatalities “which is incredible,” says Colonel Daniel Fuhr of the Utah Highway Patrol. Crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 2 through 34 nationwide. Research shows that many are risk takers, young men, nighttime motorists, or child passengers driven by unsecured drivers.

Troopers often get the sad task of delivering death notifications to families who loose loved ones in a crash. “Let me set the stage for you,” says Fuhr, who solemnly tells how families are “absolutely devastated” by the sad news. When mothers, fathers and siblings see State Troopers accompanied by local law enforcement standing at their door, “they know the news is not good.”

Realizing that a family member will not be coming home is the first emotional blow; the pain of that loss lasts a lifetime. If drivers don’t want to wear seat belts to protect themselves, “think about it for their families,” says Fuhr.

Utah’s law enforcement community will be working extra seat-belt patrols May 23 through June 5, and while troopers will be issuing citations, the real objective of the Click It or Ticket effort is to save lives.

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UDOT partners with law enforcement and other state agencies on the Click it or Ticket campaign, part of the Zero Fatalities umbrella effort to remind drivers to stay safe on the road.

Crash Facts from the Utah Department of Public Safety

Utah Department Public Safety, Highway Safety Blog

Safety experts have know for a long time that seat belts save lives every day! The belts have changed but the message has stayed the same:

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  1. Raymond

    I can believe some people still don’t buckle up. A seatbelt saved my life about 10 years. (It broke my clavicle..but saved my life).

  2. Forward Facing Car Seat

    It drives me insane (pardon the pun) we recently holidayed in Malta in the Mediterranean sun. All i can say is the heat must have got to the locals, hardly any of them wear seatbelts, and they don’t put their kids in car seats. I was overtaken on a roundabout by a man in a van with his 5year old (approx) stood on the front seat sans belt!

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