It’s a big deal –UDOT is carrying out a Western Hemisphere first on Saturday by moving the new 354 foot Sam White Bridge into place.

A view from the top -- the concrete deck serves as a viewing area for media and the project team

Workers are preparing to move the Sam White Bridge using SPMT's

How big is big? The bridge is “6 feet short of a football field,”  said Governor Gary Herbert at a media preview of the upcoming Sam White Bridge move  — the longest two-span bridge that has ever been moved using Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) in the Western Hemisphere. The bridge, which was built on the east of the freeway in a “bridge farm,” will roll into place on March 26.

SPMTs are remote controlled, computerized, multi-wheeled vehicles with hydraulic lifts. According to the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials, SPMT use “provides agencies and contractors with the ultimate flexibility and speed in removing and installing bridges.”  Six additional full nighttime freeway closures would have been necessary to rebuild the bridge using traditional methods.

UDOT has used various methods to move 23 bridges  – more than double the number of bridges moved by all other states combined.

Sam White Bridge facts:

  • While in transition, the bridge will be hoisted 21 feet in the air  then set into place
  • Length: 354 feet long – the longest two-span bridge ever moved in the Western Hemisphere
  • Each span is 177 feet and will be moved simultaneously with two sets of SPMTs
  • Superstructure Weight: 3.82 million pounds
  • Width: 80 feet
  • Bridge Area: 27,500 square feet1,134 cubic yards, or 2.27 million pounds of concrete
  • 970 yards, or 940,000 pounds, of concrete on the deck
  • 300,000 pounds concrete parapets (safety barriers)
  • 1.53 million pounds concrete slabs
  • 1.47 million pounds steel
  • 275,350 pounds rebar
  • 12,700 hours to construct and move the bridge
  • The former Sam White bridge had a 14 feet 7 inch height clearance; the new bridge will have the national design standard height of 17 feet 3 inches
  • Sam White was a homesteader of 160 acres at the end of Sam White Lane

Workers prepare a hydraulic lift on a SPMT

For more information, including directions to a public viewing area during the move, visit the I – 15 CORE website.

See an animation of the move on UDOT’s YouTube Channel.

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