Robert Pelly, STIP Coordinator, is the UDOT employee of the year. He was nominated by Bill Lawrence:

Robert Pelly accepts the employee of the year award

Among many capable and dedicated employees in UDOT Program Financing, Robert Pelly rises to the top by providing expert data management and superb customer support while being a congenial and trusted colleague. It is a privilege to recommend Bob Pelly as UDOT Employee of the Year.

Bob has worked at UDOT for 14 years. During the past 7 years as a Research Consultant, he has coordinated a mammoth change that has vastly improved the way UDOT does business. Working closely with programmers, Bob guided the transformation of UDOT’s project tracking method from static to live and developed a first-rate electronic data storage and tracking tool — UDOT’s Electronic Program Management system, fondly known as ePM.

ePM is a complex data base that interrelates with all agency programs. Thousands of projects and programs populate ePM at one time, with the number of active projects ranging from 1,400 to 3,000.  Bob is the central figure when it comes to entering project data into ePM, and UDOT projects can’t get off the ground without him.

Because projects are data driven, the quality and completeness of ePM must be maintained at all times. Bob is responsible for initial input and also ongoing daily maintenance, including modifications, amendments to funding or additional finance charges, all essential pieces of information required to move projects to completion. So, next time you see a new lane on your commute, think of Bob who started the project rolling.

Region Program Managers rely on Bob’s proactive work style, project coordination ability and skill with ePM when setting up and maintaining project data. His knowledge and expertise ensures that all financial regulations and programming rules are followed so UDOT won’t miss out on funds for needed improvements.

Bob is not satisfied with just developing and maintaining ePM; he has made a habit of solving system problems and improving efficiency of system operation. He works closely with programmers to ensure that good ideas are turned into real improvements.  His persistence and determination has improved the efficiency of data entry and accuracy of information so projects can be tracked more easily and quickly, saving funding and time for all who access ePM data.

Bob also maintains the Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan or STIP – a four-year work plan that lists all funded projects. The STIP is a transparent and real time database within ePM that is critical to UDOT’s interface with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) officials.

When it comes to completing deadline-driven complex tasks, Bob rules. He programs STIP funds and makes frequent daily adjustments to achieve balance. In a typical year, he makes over 4,000 changes to the STIP alone. His work to keep data current moves transportation projects forward with the right monies applied to the right project at the right time. His diligent work maintains transparency and ensures that transportation funds are used carefully and efficiently.

Bob is also a key player in UDOT’s STIP funding cycle. The deadline driven STIP development process is a massive effort that requires him to interact and coordinate with transportation agency and local government officials to identify projects and funding – and he does so with a high degree of professionalism and skill.

The STIP cycle involves workshops, public comment and approval from UDOT Regions, the Utah Transportation Commission, FHWA, and the Federal Transit Administration. Bob also collaborates with the Regions in collecting and producing Commission Meeting Fact Sheets which contain critical information required for major funding and scope changes to projects. Coordination and completion of the funding cycle must be completed by October 1 each year.

Even though his responsibilities are weighty, Bob always remains calm, kind and uber-efficient, which makes working with him a pleasure. He stays cool and clear headed as deadlines loom near.  A true Southern gentleman, his gracious and affable demeanor has fostered a cooperative environment and strengthened relationships between funding partners and UDOT leaders. Whatever the task, Bob is proactive and often finishes work ahead of schedule — “I’ve already completed it” is a common reply to inquiries about the status of tasks.

With relentless dedication to excellence, unwavering professionalism and real strength of character, Bob serves UDOT and Utah citizens well. He truly deserves to be UDOT Employee of the Year.

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