New cattle guards are being tried in UDOT Region Four.

Workers install steel bars under the road surface.

Cattle guards are used on highway on and off-ramps to deter cattle and wildlife from entering the roadway. Traditional cattle guards that protrude from the road surface pose problems for snow plows. An old method of deterrence, painted-on guards, works for plows, but is only marginally effective for cattle and less so for wildlife. Painted-on guards are still present on some highways, but their use is no longer a UDOT standard practice.

The new electric guards are flush with the roadway and deliver a safe but deterrent shock to animals that approach. Signs and gates alongside the guards allow people escorting animals to avoid the crossing.

So far, the guards are working well. Here are some photos from installation sent by Dave Babcock, Fleet Manager at UDOT Region Four’s Price Office. Dave and others are monitoring the effectiveness of the guards. Updates will be posted on this blog.

After blocks are installed, concrete is poured.

Mats are bolted onto blocks.










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  1. Chris Caldon

    We need this in northern Maine to combat the “Moose” & “Caribou” walking into oncoming traffic & causing mayhem. Interesting technology.

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