Utah wildlife management experts love this new structure under I-70.


High arch-crossing gets high marks for safety, and good looks.

Speaking for herself and other wildlife management experts, USU Assistant Professor Patricia Cramer calls this underpass crossing “our pride and joy.”  The new structure looks great and has good functionality as a wildlife crossing too.

Cramer is especially pleased that it’s been used by elk, who are difficult customers when it comes to crossings.  Read about elk using this crossing in a previous post: Appealing to Elk.

Randall Taylor, UDOT Design and Environmental Engineer is happy with the crossing too. He was involved with developing specifications for the high arch structure — the contractor designated the construction method and products used by Contech, a construction products company.

The crossing was built under I-70. Work was staged to allow traffic to be maintained during construction.

Here are some construction photos courtesy of Contech:

Workers place wire mesh that will reinforce concrete footings. The retaining wall on the right was built in five supported lifts.

A crane places a pre-formed concrete arch section on the footings.

Wing walls add structural support and also channel animals into the arch crossing.

According to an I-70 Wildlife Crossing summary of the project produced by Contech, “The CON/SPAN used on our I-70 Wildlife Crossing was great for this application,” said Lyndon Friant, UDOT Resident Engineer.  “It was installed quickly and effectively, allowing for minimal impact to the traveling public…”


  1. Teresha Aird

    What a fantastic initiative! The I-70 often faces closures due to extreme weather conditions and incidents, so reducing the risk of animals on the road is not only great for the wildlife, but motorists too.
    There is still a vast amount of work to be done in the mountain corridor though, especially if Denver is to be a serious contender for the 2030 Winter Olympics.

  2. Teresha Aird

    What a fantastic initiative this is!
    The I-70 which is an arterial route through to the Rockies often faces closures due to extreme weather and incidents, so reducing the animals on the road is not only great for wildlife, but motorists too!
    The mountain corridor is still in need of major works though, especially if Denver are to be serious contenders for the 2030 winter Olympics.

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