UDOT’s system for helping to optimize travel on I-15 is working, but some bad driving behaviors really cross the double white lines.


Crossing the double white lines can also land you a hefty fine -- $82.

The good news about UDOT’s new Express Lane system is that it’s working.

Travel time on I-15 is improved when drivers use the Express Lanes. Vehicles with more than one passenger can use the Express Lanes for free. Solo drivers can purchase a pass and pay to use Express Lanes. UDOT manages travel time in the Express Lane by charging pass users a variable rate base on travel speed on I-15.

The smart new system allows vehicles to take up available space in the Express Lanes so travel time on I-15 is better for everyone.  But when drivers  cross the double white lines,  they risk causing a crash. Crossing the double white lines is un-safe practice and illegal for that reason.  Why?

Catherine Cutler is the engineer in charge of letting you know that crossing the double white lines is unsafe and illegal.

“There’s a speed differential between the Express Lanes and the general purpose lanes,” says Catherine Cutler, UDOT Express Lanes Project Manager. “My job is to make sure drivers are aware of how dangerous that practice is. Weaving in and out of the lanes by crossing the double white lines can cause drivers to break suddenly or swerve and cause a crash. ”

The Express Lanes on I-15 have been engineered to be as safe as possible. Double white lines provide a buffer to separate traffic traveling at different speeds from merging unexpectedly while dotted white lines provide an expected point for vehicles to move in and out of the Express Lanes.

Cutler hopes more drivers will be aware of Express Lane safety issues as they see some new billboards along I-15 at 1550 North and 12645 South. If everybody follows the law, drivers can enjoy Express Lane benefits without the risks caused by crossing the double white lines.

9 thoughts on “CROSSING LINES”

  1. dmiller

    There is little if any difference between the speed of a car in the Express lane and the other lanes. Weaving in and out of traffic is just as dangerous in the other lanes.

  2. R

    The double white lines CREATE safety issues. I constantly observe drivers panic and cut someone off because the dotted white line is running out and they need to merge right so they won’t miss their exit. Other drivers will cut someone off in the express lane because they HAVE to get into the express lane before the dotted white line runs out.

    Also, the express lanes do little good when crashes are moved left and block the express lane. That is not good engineering.

    And don’t get me started on the Prius owners that think they are entitled to drive in the EXPRESS lane at 60 mph.

  3. Becky Parker

    The entry and exit points do mean that drivers need to plan ahead and I’m sure some don’t. If they are driving erratically or breaking the rules of the Express Lanes it then becomes an enforcement issue and they could be given a ticket. As for crashes, unfortunately they happen and we make every effort to get them cleared as quickly as possible.

  4. Howard

    How are you to make your exit if the double white lines don’t stop before your exit. And I am talking about miles not just the last 10 feet. this double white line crap is giving cops something to look for and write tickets you all are using it as a revenue generator for the miss management of the system as a whole. and why don’t you have cut off times for when it can be for HOV and not like up in Seattle.

  5. Becky Parker

    There are access points placed at all along the Express Lanes with signs recommending when drivers should leave the lane to reach certain exits. The access points are needed for the Express Pass which is used by solo driver. Solo drivers can use the Express Lane for a fee. All of the details can be found on our website

  6. Dan

    My wife and I drive 50 miles (round trip) of the I15 corridor every day. In the last two years, I can count on one hand the number of express lane violation tickets issued by UHP. Enforcement is lacking.

  7. Wayne

    South bound on I-15 at Layton’s southern most intrance, a HOV lane begins at the same time squeezing the taffic from 5 lanes into 3 lanes! Stupid design! Getting rid of the HOV lane at that point would really help and relive the hazard!

  8. john C reed

    I am more concerned with people that refuse to get out of the left lanewhen will they ever learn that’s a passing Lane not a campout Lane

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