The Zero Fatalities message — that even one traffic related death is too many — is the central message of the Don’t Drive Stupid Campaign.

Grave markers at Skyline High School bring the message into sharp focus: Zero is the only goal we can all live with.

UDOT strives to do everything possible to reduce fatalities, including educating the public about making safe driving choices.  Teen drivers are more likely than any other age group to die in a crash — three times more likely than the average driver.

The Don’t Drive Stupid campaign is aimed at teen drivers and outlines ways to keep kids safe on the road. The website has good information for parents and kids, including a driving manual for teens.

In addition to great information, the site has storie= s about teens who have lost their lives in crashes. While sad, hopefully this

information can motivate teens to think about safety before getting behind the wheel..

2 thoughts on “HOW NOT TO DRIVE STUPID”

  1. Diana FitzPatrick

    I think this is a great idea for a site. We must get the attention of our young drivers.
    I hope it will be offered in all social networks applicable.
    I wish you good luck for the sake of all teen drivers.

  2. SEM

    Love it. Sometimes with kids you have to be graphic and the headstones get that across. I saw a billboard one time around ’94 that said don’t toast a friend with a photo of a burning car. The billboard was about not drinking and driving.

    Remember Teens, no body looks cool in box.

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