UDOT’s Tie Fork Rest Area is the People’s Choice in the American Institute of Architects annual recognition of beautiful buildings.

Tie Fork

With over 400 votes, Tie Fork won in an online competition hosted by the Salt Lake Tribune that let readers vote for their favorite building.

Thanks all who voted for Tie Fork!

For more information about the building, see two previous blog posts, one about online voting and one about the community effort behind the project.

KSL coverd the story about the award too:

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12 thoughts on “THE PEOPLE LOVE TIE FORK!”

  1. stop snoring mouth guard

    Tie fork really deserves the award. This is really an eye catcher. Looking forward to visit this place again

  2. Saul Fineman

    Took a nap there last year early in the morning…took a good look around after I woke up. Surprised they could get it built considering budget constraints.

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