Many people still don’t take conditions into account when driving in ice and snow.

With two storms past and more on the way as the season progresses, drivers need to be prepared for winter weather.

Slow down

“Driving slowly in snowy weather, or cold and icy conditions is probably the best advice,” says Derek Miller, Program Specialist with the Highway Safety office in the Department of Public Safety.

Driving too fast caused the tragic loss of a single mother of three young boys on Sunday.

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Derek Miller checks wiper blades for wear

Buy your car a present

Derek also suggests preparing your car. “Things like worn wiper blades and tires may be overlooked to save a couple dollars.” Drivers may be scrimping on the family car to buy gifts during the holiday season .  “But it’s not worth it.”

All systems should be working too.  “Also the heater (defroster) and rear-window defogger should work well. Washer fluid tanks should be maintained and kept full of ‘winter’ anti-freeze washer fluid.”

CommuterLink — it’s not just a great place to check traffic conditions

For more information, including how to prepare your car and how to stay safe around snow plows, visit the CommuterLink website for a list of tips to help drivers navigate through snow and ice.

6 thoughts on “TAKE IT SLOW”

  1. Catherine Higgins

    Jesse, Thanks for asking and I KNOW you already have the answer: Big trucks or 4-wheel drive vehicles may be good for driving in snow but when it comes to ice, those vehicles don’t have an advantage. Ice is treacherous for any vehicle. Drivers of big trucks or SUVs that have 4-wheel drive should observe the same safe driving rules as all other vehicles — slow down in ice and snow!

  2. Derek

    @Jesse O. Glidden: Hi Jesse, just to add to the discussion 4-wheel drive may give a driver the advantage of accelerating in snow, but it’s not going to help stop the vehicle any faster than a 2-wheel drive vehicle.

  3. Joe Banks

    Yes very good idea I have a four wheel drive pickup truck aqnd i still slide all over the place.It doesen’t mater what you drive it is all about how you drive your car in it. Just be safe and slow down it’s a good idea when being safe on the bad icy roads in the winter.

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  4. lee

    Remember you can still lose control of a 4×4, people get too confident and don’t take the weather conditions into account.

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