An AirMed helicopter needed a lift after a wind gust caused a tailspin.

From UDOT Region One’s man on the street, the one and only Vic Saunders:

An injured rotor grounded an AirMed helicopter on Monday.

On Monday, November 22, an AirMed helicopter from a Salt Lake City hospital responding to a run-off-the-road crash on westbound I-84 near Riverdale, got a big surprise when, just as it landed, a wind gust blew its tail rotor into a roadside delineator post. That collision shattered the carbon-fiber tail rotor and instantly grounded the helicopter, sending the crash victim it was to transport to Salt Lake to an Ogden hospital by ambulance instead.

Meanwhile, a flat-bed semi truck and crane were dispatched on Tuesday, November 23, to transport the chopper from the scene back to a repair facility in Salt Lake.

A crane and flatbed truck were dispatched to the scene.

Once the crane arrived, it took on a few minutes to get the air ambulance “airborne” again, before setting it down gently on the back of the tractor-trailer, for a quick trip to the repair facility.

The helicopter needed help to get airborne again.

Strapped in, the copter soon headed for the helo-hospital.


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