A new blog will give information about saving energy.

The Employee Efficiency Partnership is a cooperative effort involving the Governor’s Office, the National Energy Foundation and Utah State Employees.

Deb Henry, a rotational engineer at UDOT, is making it easier for others to find ways to save energy.  As part of her role on the UDOT Energy Team, she’s writing a blog that will will be an ongoing source of energy saving ideas, tips and facts.

Who knew that most bottle caps are typically hard to recycle and that taking caps off bottles before recycling saves time and energy? Deb explains it all in detail on her blog and includes links to more information like The Story of Bottled Water.

UDOT’s energy team is part of the State of Utah’s “Think! Energy Utah” Employee Energy Efficiency Partnership  started by the Herbert administration in 2009. The National Energy Partnership is a supporting organization.

“I would like UDOT employees to focus on how using energy efficiently means our tax dollars go further,” says Deb.  If you would like to be part of UDOT’s Energy Team, contact Deb at

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