The annual effort to let state employees know about donating to charitable organizations begins on Monday, October 4.

Giving through the Utah State Employees’ Charitable Fund makes supporting a good cause easy — with online enrollment and a one time donation option, it’s a cinch to participate. Choosing from among more than 500 charitable agencies is the tough part.

Are you interested in helping children, supporting the arts or improving the environment? What ever cause you want to help, there are probably many organizations that address your concerns.

Some of those organizations gathered at the State Library recently to meet representatives of state agencies and answer questions. Here are three out of hundreds of non-profits that participate in the state fund:

Christmas Box International

Caleb Loveless is serious about child welfare

“We’re all about child welfare,” says Caleb Loveless. Christmas Box International helps children in foster and shelter care by providing clothing and activities that support the needs of kids who have been abused or neglected.

Caleb likes participating in the Charitable Fund promotion to bring attention to child welfare issues. “We need to spread the word about what we do.”

Adopt a Native Elder

Mary Phillips peeks over a display of photos, yarn and textiles.

Mary Phillips represented Adopt a Native Elder, a program that helps Navajo weavers sustain themselves and their families through their craft. Many of the elders helped live in a traditional way by residing in Hogans or raising sheep or cattle. The program also provides other types of support like food assistance and homebound care.

Fort Douglas Military Museum

The mission of the Fort Douglas Military Museum is to “to collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Fort Douglas and its impact on the history of Utah and the adjacent Western states,” according to the website. Donations to the Fort Douglas Military Museum help preserve an important part of the history of Utah and surrounding states. Director Robert Voyles says the museum includes exhibits about the Utah War and includes the history of Camp Floyd.

Museum Director Robert Voyles

The museum is raising funds for a new Main Gallery.  This year is the first time the museum has participated in the campaign.

The theme for this year: Giving Today Makes a Better Tomorrow!

For more information about other organizations or to donate, visit the  Utah State Employees Charitable Fund website.

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