UDOT asks local residents to name State Route 92.

SR-92 needs a new name

SR-92 is not a completely new road but the heavily-used arterial is getting enough of a face lift that a new identity seems to be in order.

From Scott Thompson, Region Three Public Involvement Manager: Utah Department of Transportation officials are looking to find a new alternative name for state Route 92 (S.R. 92) in northern Utah County as it launches an online contest this week.

“Technically, S.R. 92 already has an alternative name: the Highland Highway,” said Bryan Adams, director for UDOT’s Access Utah County program.  “But that designation has never really been embraced by the road’s users.  I’ve heard it called everything from ‘the Alpine Highway’ to simply ‘the road to American Fork Canyon.’”

With the road currently under reconstruction between I-15 and S.R. 74, Adams said it seemed like a good time to give S.R. 92 a new and lasting alternative name.

“With the new commuter lanes we are building along with the road-widening we are doing, S.R. 92 is going to be a new and exciting roadway, and we thought it should have a new and exciting name,” Adams said.  “We’ll have the opportunity to put this new name on the road signs we are building as part of the project, and to brand it in all of our press releases and construction updates during the last year of construction.”

UDOT is asking the public to help them come up with the new name for S.R. 92.  Now through Friday, November 19, name submission forms will be available on the S.R. 92 construction website.  Rules and guidelines for the contest can be found on the website as well.

“This is a chance for people to leave a lasting mark on their community,” Adams said.  “We’re excited to give people this unique opportunity.”

The S.R. 92 reconstruction project is being built through a joint venture of the Flatiron and Harper construction companies.  It is scheduled for completion by the fall of 2011. For more information about S.R. 92 please visit the project website or call the project information hotline at 1-877-222-3757.

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