Getting drunk drivers off the road is the aim of the nation wide “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” campaign.

The T.V. spots aren’t new, but some newly published data shows compelling evidence why the message is needed: nationwide, more people may be driving drunk.

According to results of a survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one out of five people who consume alcohol get behind the wheel of a car within two hours.

The survey also showed that young people may put them selves and others at risk when drinking. Eight percent of the population 16 or older reported that they had driven after drinking or ridden in the car of an impaired driver.

This message aired on T.V. more frequently during the recent Labor Day weekend:

The NHTSA also announced that law enforcement efforts would be stepped up across the country during the holiday weekend.

In Utah, troopers were out in full force over Labor Day weekend, says Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Todd Johnson. “During holidays we try to have every available trooper working.” Troopers target aggressive and impaired drivers by observing driving patterns and investigating crash scenes, then making arrests when necessary.

UDOT partners with the Utah Department of Public Safety on the Zero Fatalities safety campaign that aims at eliminating all crashes, not just those caused by alcohol consumption. Statistics tracked by Zero Fatalities show that crashes caused by driving under the influence of alcohol are still a big problem.

Some good news: Utah enjoys the lowest rate of alcohol related crashes in the nation. And, Utah is also seeing a favorable downward trend in all crashes, not just those related to alcohol. UDOT and the Department of Public Safety will continue to use proven strategies to help Utah reach zero.

2 thoughts on “OVER THE LIMIT”

  1. Karl Devenport

    I fully support your program to keep drunk drivers from behind the wheel. I’m just a little put off that the ad only shows MEN getting pulled over” “Sir, have you been drinking, tonight?” . I watch COPS and see that WOMEN drive drunk, too. Surely you should include at least ONE, “Ma’am, have YOU been drinking, tonight?”

    Thanks for listening.

  2. Jeffery Gray

    I personally think that every vehicle manufacturer out there should be required to factory install an ignition interlock device. I understand that that might be controversial but driving is a privileged not a right and as long as people continue to get behind the wheel while intoxicated then there should be a law requiring proof of sobriety.

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