UDOT has has great success in partnering with the Department of Workforce Services to provide opportunities for workers to develop job skills.

A recent UDOT Blog post and an article written by Station 230 Lead Maintenance Technician Jake Brown details the new program, called Road to a Better Future, and the achievements of the participants. UDOT is building on the success of the WFS partnership by starting a Hot Shot team that will travel throughout Region Two and complete pressing maintenance tasks.

An experienced UDOT maintenance worker will accompany the Hot Shot crew in a refurbished trailer loaded with all the necessary equipment. The used trailer was rebuilt by UDOT Heavy Equipment Shop workers.

Jake Brown shows off some equipment in the Hot Shot trailer as Bob Giolas, Hot Shot Crew Foreman, looks on.

The Hot Shot crew will be able to respond quickly to fix signs, repair guardrail barriers, respond to customer requests, remove over grown trees, and other jobs that need special equipment or a more advanced skill level.

The Hot Shot crew evolved because “many of the workers did more than we expected,” says Jake.  He and others at UDOT wanted to give the WFS  clients opportunity to use their skills. The new Hot Shot crew will benefit UDOT too, by supplying “another tool in our arsenal,” to stay on top of maintenance tasks, says Jake.

Left to right: Jake Brown, Robert Smith, Road Maintenance Crew Foreman and Bob Giolas show off the Road to a Better Future trailer.

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  1. Claire Criteria

    Road to a Better Future sounds like a great program. I will be looking out for updates on how it’s going!

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