Don’t pass this up!

Enrollment in UDOT’s new Express Pass System is enjoying a strong start.

Nearly 6000 new Express Passes will soon be attached to the windshields of Utah motorists. An Express Pass will let drivers pay to use Express Lanes when car-pooling is not an option. UDOT kicks off the new system on August 23.

Catherine Cutler, Express Lanes Project Manager, shows her Express Pass

Why is the new system such a hit?

“This option has not been available before,” Says Catherine Cutler, the UDOT Express Lanes Manager. Catherine thinks that motorists see good value in the new pay-as-you-go approach.

A flood of new users begs the question; will the Express Lanes get too  crowded slow down too much?

“No,” says Catherine.  When traffic gets sluggish, “we will increase the price to discourage solo driver use of the lane, but maintain the benefit for carpoolers, who can always use the lane for free. The new system will allow UDOT to maximize the use of all lanes.”

Visit the Express Lanes website to enroll or see how the new system works.

4 thoughts on “Don’t pass this up!”

  1. Sara

    I was really excited about getting my pass and even more excited when we were able to test drive it! but very disappointed when all the other lanes were passing us. isnt the whole point of the pass to free up the congestion? 🙁

  2. Catherine Higgins

    Hi Sara, Catherine Cutler sent me this response to your comment:

    “Yes, one of the points of the Express Pass is to free up congestion in all lanes of travel on I-15. For the first three weeks of August, we have 4,000 transponders distributed, helping us calibrate the system. During this time, the lane may become full due to a higher number of people being eligible to use the lane and the inability to “price” them out of the lane until the system goes ‘live’ August 23rd. We appreciate your patience and are as excited as you are to implement this new system.”

  3. Jesse O. Glidden

    I didn’t know that 4,000 passes had already been distributed. I have tried to take the opportunity to “light up” the ETC’s, but just haven’t had a reason to leave Ogden since I got my pass several weeks ago. Anyway, great article Catherine (Higgins), and congratulations Catherine (Cutler), on being on-budget, and ahead-of-schedule. What a great project!

  4. Catherine Higgins

    Hi Jesse, I think people will really like the new system. Catherine Cutler is good manager and photogenic, too, I might add.

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