UDOT workers paint over graffiti in the Spaghetti Bowl where I-80 splits to go to southbound I-15. Workers from Station 2445 always "find a way to get it down," says Dave Kelley, who is holding the sprayer. Looking on is Mike Ellis, also in the bucket. On top feeding the paint line is Jeffery Stephenson. Behind is Riley O'Brien and driving is Greg Fatzinger. Thanks, guys!

Graffiti vandals are getting better at defacing structures along state routes but UDOT workers are right on their heels.

“Some people don’t even know we have a graffiti problem because we find it and get rid of it so quick,” says Dave Kelley who works at UDOT Station 2445. Workers use a bridge inspection truck (sometimes called a “snooper” because the arm of the truck reaches under bridges) to get the tough spots. Kelley and others at that station are are also responsible for removing over-grown weeds along state routes.


  1. HarleyPig

    You probably don’t (and probably won’t) hear this enough, but your work is truly appreciated … especially by those transplants from other states where they seem to haven given up on cleaning this up.

    Thank you!

  2. Catherine Higgins

    Thank you kindly. UDOT employees really work hard to get rid of graffiti and it’s expensive and time consuming.

  3. Ruben Schoenefeld

    According to a KSL article about this, the vehicle had to be taken off the regular work. I hope some of the people who do this get caught and are made to pay for the cleanup.

  4. Catherine Higgins

    You’re right, and the Snooper is expensive to operate. I’d like to see them get caught too.

  5. Axel

    Where I live they tried to allow grafitti on two full walls of a county owned building located to mid town. Did it work? Nope, an evaluation that took place two years after showed that the effort was worthless.

    You are doing a great job and you are needed!

  6. Robert Hyde

    Also wanted to say thanks to all of the people who work hard to keep our roads looking so good! It sure makes my commute much more enjoyable.

  7. Catherine Higgins

    Thanks! It’s great to get some feedback from road users. I know many of the workers who are responsible for up-keep, and they are dedicated and hard working state employees.

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