Have you recently driven along a familiar stretch of freeway that seemed to become smoother over night?

Concrete, not pixie dust: damaged pieces of I-15 are removed and replaced with new pre-cast panels.

If so, your now less-bumpy ride may not be a figment of your imagination. UDOT is improving sections of freeway while commuters sleep using new pre-cast concrete panels.

Damaged sections of freeway are cut out and replaced by new concrete.  The process is fast, produces great results and prolongs the life of the roadway.

First, the damaged area is measured and a slab is manufactured. Workers cut out the damaged area of pavement and prepare the base.

Holes for steel rebar are drilled in the existing concrete freeway. The new slab is placed, and grout is poured through holes in the top of the slab to hold the new piece of freeway in place. After only three hours, the new surface is ready for traffic.

Workers place a scrim as part of the process to prepare the base. Making sure the base is level is important. Any rocking or shifting could break the new panel.

This week, UDOT is placing pre-cast panels between Bountiful and Farmington, Utah. Hundreds of panels will be placed this summer.

A worker checks to make sure the base is the correct depth. The new panel is shown in the background. Slots in the new panel fit over steel rebar that reinforces the concrete panel through the tire path. Once the new panel is placed, grout is poured through the holes in the top.

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