Attention, walkers!

United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recency blogged about distracted walkers who text, listen to music or talk on cell phones while crossing streets.   There’s no doubt, pedestrians who don’t pay attention pose a safety risk to themselves and others.

“And, it’s not just cars and trucks that pedestrians are ignoring,” writes LaHood. ” …Pedestrians distracted by cell phone calls and text messages also risk deadly encounters with the transit buses and commuter trains around them.”

The Federal Transit Administration is promoting Operation Lifesaver, a safety campaign that shows the dangers of distracted walking around trains.

Maybe we should have payed more attention in kindergarten. Remember the song “Stop, Look and Listen?”  Here’s a video to share with little walkers:

3 thoughts on “Attention, walkers!”

  1. Stan Johnson

    As a parent, I find it ironic that our five-year-olds are more safety conscious than so many of us adults are.

    Maybe we really hold their hands so that they can keep *us* safe when we cross the street?

  2. Dave

    There is a long way to go in terms of accident prevention on our roads. For example, there are traffic islands where the walker is directed AWAY from the direction of traffic – thus unwary walkers may miss looking out for oncoming traffic. Simple engineering fixes can go a long way to prevent accidents – it’s a known fact.

    While “keeping alert” and avoiding distractions is always a good idea, sometimes these catch phrases are not enough – accident prevention in the end comes down to good planning PLUS public education. (emphasis on the planning part)

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