UDOT makes stakeholder-friendly changes to I-15 CORE

Today, UDOT introduced the public to three significant design changes on the mega-project I-15 CORE in Utah County.  The changes will make the project better for road users during construction and after project completion.

Director John Njord spoke to reporters today at the I-CORE construction office in Lehi, Utah.

UDOT Director John Njord talks to a reporter before the press conference

UDOT Director John Njord, center, talks to a reporter about design changes that will make the massive project better for road users during and after construction

Better flow through the S-Curves: UDOT worked with contractors to modify the work zone near the S-Curves located between University Parkway and Provo Center Street Interchanges. This change allows all lanes — three in each direction — to be open during construction. The result means less delay for commuters.

Improved connectivity: The interchange design at Provo Center Street has been modified to allow integration with existing streets. This new design is a better blend with the Provo City’s plans for the area and will also be a more intuitive road-scape for drivers to navigate.

A safer walk: A planned pedestrian walkway near Utah Valley University has been switched to an under-the-road structure. This change is safer for pedestrians and better for traffic flow.  The new design will give pedestrians, mostly UVU students, exclusive use of the crossing.  And the crossing won’t require pedestrian signals which interfere with traffic flow.

See a map: I-15 CORE Project Area Map

3 thoughts on “UDOT makes stakeholder-friendly changes to I-15 CORE”


    These were terrific pictures. My family and I really enjoyed them. Also, share the road.

  2. KG

    I am wondering if the new CORE section will have the median lighting like SL Valley? With the lack of raised reflectors to allow for snow plows, the additional lighting helps me distinguish lane striping in rainy or other inclement weather that increases reflection off the white cement but decreases visibility of the paint. Even if the funds are not available, making provision and preparation to perhaps add the light posts later would be nice. 🙂

  3. Catherine Higgins

    Thanks for the question, KG. I contacted Christina Davis, Project Communications Manager who sent me this response:

    “The majority of the 24-mile I-15 CORE project will have high-mast lighting, similar to I-15 in Salt Lake County. High-mast lighting will be built from Main Street in American Fork to University Avenue in Provo, with the exception of the stretch from Pleasant Grove Blvd to 1600 North in Orem – areas that are less urbanized and have greater distance between interchanges won’t have the high-mast lighting.”

    If you have any more questions about I-15 CORE, contact Christina on the Project Hotline: 801-341-6400 or by email: christinadavis@utah.gov

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