Welcome to Utah sign is elevated and installed near the Salt Lake International Airport

A new welcome sign, surrounded by small versions of other sign designs, is installed near the Salt Lake International Airport

New “Welcome to Utah” highway signs that feature images of attractions were introduced to the public today at a media event sponsored by  Governor Gary Herbert, the Office of Tourism and UDOT.

Each new sign also has the Utah Office of Tourism’s “Life Elevated” slogan.  The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) will place the new signs at entrance points around the state.

Good design sells

Governor Gary Herbert pointed out that tourism is on the rise in Utah, a benefit to be appreciated during an economic recession. The new signs invite tourists to “become acquainted with Utah and Utah’s people,” and to “visit us time and time again.”

The last sign design was introduced in 1999. Since that time, “UDOT has added more than 560 new lane miles of road,” said UDOT Deputy Director Carlos Braceras. “More than 31 million vehicles could pass the new signs this year. With growth numbers like that in mind, we will continue to work hard to keep traffic flowing.”

The beautiful designs were created by landscape illustrator David Meikle who grew up in Utah. He was excited to create images that reflect what he loves about the state.

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  1. Jon

    I’ve seen Meikle’s work and it’s a really great mix of the classical and the modern. The sign gives a good welcome for the fine state of Utah.

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