Innovative UDOT leader works for Zero

Engineer Robert Hull shares award for traffic safety efforts

Robert Hull of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and David Beach of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) are co-recipients of an award given for their leadership in establishing inter-agency safety programs. Governor Gary Herbert presented the Governor’s Awards for Excellence today. Robert and David won in the Innovation and Efficiency category.

“This award is really about the partnership between UDOT and the Utah Department of Public Safety,” says Robert, who is a Traffic and Safety Engineer at UDOT.

Pictured left to right: UDOT Director John Njord, David Beach, Robert Hull and Commissioner of Public Safety Lance Davenport. At the event: “These dedicated and hard-working public servants are the backbone of state government,” said the Governor of all recipients. “Utah is consistently recognized as being among the best managed states in the nation, and state employees are an integral part of that.”

According to nominator Mark Panos, Deputy Director of the DPS Highway Safety Office, David and Robert “jointly realized that  there was a real opportunity to have a larger effect in promoting traffic safety in Utah.” The two began to plan and manage resources to implement safety projects nine years ago.

Some of the innovations pioneered by Robert and David include:

  • A strategic planning organization, the Safety Leadership Team, made up of representatives of state agencies with a stake in traffic safety
  • A public/private working group that has enacted safety programs as efficiently as possible
  • The shared public information campaign Zero Fatalities

Robert and David’s efforts have been copied in other states as a best practice models.

“This plan has led to an unprecedented focus on safety through the Zero Fatalities program and through Robert’s leadership,” says John Njord, director of UDOT.  “The results have been telling, with fatalities trending downward and reaching a 35-year low last year alone.”

Robert knows that one fatality is one too many, and is committed to “positive movement toward our goal of Zero Fatalities” through continued cooperation with DPS.

The Governor’s Awards for Excellence are presented annually to recognize the contributions of state employees in the categories of energy and environment, innovation and efficiency, leadership, and outstanding public service.

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