Incident Management Teams: UDOT’s angels in white trucks provide assistance to stranded motorists

As part of Public Service Recognition Week, Utah State Government Executives were asked by Governor Herbert to spend part of the day with state workers who provide direct help to the public. UDOT’s Incident Management Teams are trained to work with Highway Patrol officers at accident scenes, come to the aid of stranded motorists and remove dangerous debris from the freeways.

Like guardian angels of motorists on state roadways, IMT workers spend most of the day looking for people who need help. Director John Njord spent a few hours patrolling I-15 in an IMT truck with Jeff Reynolds.

IMT worker Jeff Reynolds, left, and Director John Njord, far right, look on as a motorists calls for assistance. Jeff first makes sure the motorist is not hurt and is safely away from traffic.

The red car had a punctured gas tank. A large jagged piece of steel was the culprit.

The red car had a punctured gas tank. A jagged piece of steel, bottom right, is the culprit.

Jeff and John discuss the scene and determine that the very small amount of spilled gas and stopped car do not pose a hazard.

Jeff and John discuss the scene with IMT Coordinator Dave Stallworth. Luckily, the amount of gas spilled is very minimal, and does not pose a hazard to the public.

Soon confirmation is received that a tow truck is on the way, so the IMT truck is back on the road. Most stranded motorists who get IMT help see resolution within 30 minutes.

John thanks IMT Coordinator Dave Stallworth. IMT workers are work long days and are on call 24/7.

John thanks IMT Coordinator Dave Stallworth. Dave and his team work from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, but are on call 24/7.

Jeff and Dave talk about truck mileage and maintenance briefly before going back on patrol.

Jeff and Dave briefly discuss truck mileage and maintenance issues before going back on patrol.

17 thoughts on “Incident Management Teams: UDOT’s angels in white trucks provide assistance to stranded motorists”

  1. Marie Nye

    I teach the AARP Driver Safety Program and I tell my participants about IMT. Is there a direct phone number people can call to get help? If so, is it OK for me to give that number out in my classes? I think you do a great job and I really encourage people to use your services instead of trying to do things themselves in a dangerous situation. Right now I am just telling them to call 911.

  2. Robin Bailey

    I am not sure who my angel in the white truck was, but I would like to say thank you. I had a tire blow out 6/14/13 on the 2100 exit northbound. He called it 1400 and the collector when speaking to my insurance’s roadside assistance. My angel that day helped to keep me calm. He was so patient and polite. I was very scared with traffic so close my car was shaking. I was also shaking because I had my 6 week old niece and 3 year old nephew in the car, along with my daughter and sister. He even offered to change the tire if roadside assistance took longer than 10 minutes. It was a very emotional experience for me and I am not emotional person. I am just grateful that there are people out there like my angel was today. Thank you whoever you were.

  3. Justin Hawes

    Just wanted to say thanks to the incident management folks who helped me with a shredded tire today (I-15 South, 4500 S exit). They showed up within 10 minutes and stayed until everything was fixed. Thanks again.

  4. Allen Harris

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I had a tire blow-out while traveling north bound I-15 on the Beck Street Bridge this evening. I managed to get passed the bridge, and off to the side of the road. It was dark, and traffic was moving by fast. I was having a little stress as the tire which needed changing was on the driver side near traffic. I got the spare out, and was hesitating about changing it when an Incident Management truck pulled up behind my car. I was so relieved. I was able to get tire changed safely, and get on my way, I didn’t get the name of the driver. But Thank You! You’re Awesome!

  5. Gina Kennard

    Thank you Shane from Incident Management for getting me off the freeway and safely to Les Schwab after a very scary blowout on I-15.
    You were very kind and prompt and courteous.
    You’re very much appreciated!!

  6. Zach Whitney

    Hi Josh: You can send an email to and it will be forwarded to the the IMT state supervisor. Please include as much detail as possible about the incident.


  7. Sherie Ruf

    Hi. I would like to thank the IMT gentleman that helped me on northbound I-15 in Orem by the orem center street exit yesterday afternoon at rush hour. My tire blow so i was in the emergency line calling AAA to get help. I was scared with all the cars speeding by rocking my car. It was 15 minutes just to speak with AAA and up to 45 minutes to get a truck to my location. I did get a call from the AAA driver we was still 20 minutes away, when I saw the IMT truck pull behind me. I was so greatful to see him. He put my donut on my car and I was back on the road in no time. Thanks again!

  8. Pamela Martinez Ramos

    I want to Thank my Angel Billy for coming to my rescue today on the North I 2-15 . My car just died as i was entering the freeway
    I was able to pull over to the shoulder. Billy arrived 15 mins. later. Pulled over with his lights on and walked up to my passenger window and was very friendly and said hello and wanted to see if I was safe and if there was anything he could do for me. I informed him AAA was on their way. He said ” thats great, I’m just gonna wait here so you feel safe, until they arrive. And that he did!. Thank you Billy!

  9. Zach Whitney

    Pamela: We love hearing stories like this. (Not that your car died, but that our IMT folks were able to be of assistance). Thank you for posting.

  10. Sandra Buege

    I want to thank my Angel, whoever he was, that came and changed my tire this morning around the 271 exit on I-15 this morning. This is a wonderful service.

  11. Alfred l Martinez sr

    The reck this morning was not the truck drivers felt it was the woman’s fault review your Cam off your drivers truck she came off her turn to fast and not watching to her left she hit the reare of tha truck she was to werryed about her pumpkin spice coffee she should have gotten tha ticket not the driver.

  12. Lacey Kounalis

    I would like to thank whoever the gentleman was that helped me out on I-15 near the bluff street in St.George exit today. He was very kind to me and put a smile on my daughters face . Thank you for putting gas in my truck and getting us off the freeway, off to school and now to the auto repair shop. I’m very grateful for the incident team management!

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