Hinckley Drive: All girded-up

UDOT is extending Hinckley Drive (SR-79) west from 1900 West (SR-126) to Midland Drive (SR-108) to provide a direct connection to I-15 for southwest Weber County, Utah residents. The project comprises a bridge that extends  more that 300 feet across the Union Pacific Railroad and UTA FrontRunner tracks.

During a recent girder placement, Dave Asay of Frontline Public Involvement was on-hand to see the operation.  Please enjoy the following narrative and images from Dave:

The largest steel girders ever placed on a Utah non-freeway project began the arduous task of moving to their final resting place the third weekend in April.

In carefully orchestrated movements, the beams were first lifted by two giant cranes on the east side of the new structure on the new Hinckley Drive extension and extended over the UPRR and UTA railroad tracks.  A third crane then gracefully attaches to the end of the protruding beam while the largest crane is repositioned to the east end of the large girder.  Adding to the complexity of the operation is the necessity to add and remove huge counter-weights from the various cranes for each movement.

The operation used five cranes. This image shows two cranes holding and moving a girder.

Finally a fourth and fifth crane latch onto the beam and in careful tandem the 301’ x 13’ girder is gently placed on the large steel and rubber pads it will call home for many decades to come.

Girder moving into place at night

Note from Catherine: Dave’s description made this girder move seem as graceful as ballet!

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