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UDOT Engineers In Training are finding their work at UDOT challenging and rewarding.

April 3rd, 2012


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The role of transportation researchers is to be continually “scouring the river looking for those valuable gems of truth that will enable us to be even better.”

Lee Theobald, Business Analyst Supervisor in Systems Planning and Programming is UDOT’s Leader of the Year.

UDOT University is a collective effort to bring all training offered at the department under one organizational umbrella.

UDOT’s Estimate Support Team scrutinizes all associated project costs for better pre-bid estimates.

UDOT’s Rotational Engineer Program gives new graduates a career kick-start.

“We have stemmed the tide,” when it comes to travel delay, says UDOT Director John Njord.

AASHTO’s new President promotes innovation as a way to manage during lean times. State Departments of Transportation will need to…

A UDOT bridge project has been nominated for an Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award. The OCEAA honors projects that integrate…

The work we do is fundamental to a strong economy,” said UDOT Director John Njord.