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A reorganized Signal Team is helping UDOT engineers share best practices and improve traffic flow.

You can showcase the people who use and improve our state transportation system – but hurry, time is short!

July 12th, 2012


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Congratulations to the The Mountain View Corridor Right-of-way team.

The First Annual National Fleet Management Conference brought fleet managers together to share expertise. Fleet managers at the nations departments…

July 4th, 2012


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The SR-14 rebuilding project is progressing well despite slope movement that has required additional work. Last October a massive landslide…

July 3rd, 2012


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This summer, theater patrons in Utah and Salt Lake County will see a trailer that informs viewers about Utah’s biggest-ever road construction project.

A new UDOT website lets the public see how tax money is spent to build and improve state roads.

Utah’s all-inclusive transportation plan for state and local roads and transit is one of a kind in the United States….

A hybrid bridge system that combines the durability of concrete with the strength of carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer.

The 2012 Research Workshop held on May 10 brought transportation experts together to present, discuss, and then prioritize potential research opportunities.