January 31st, 2012


Optimize Mobility, by Catherine Higgins.

One road’s lost pedestrian bridge will be another road’s gain.

UDOT is building a new grade separated intersection on 7800 South and Bangerter Highway in Salt Lake County. The overall project also includes CFI intersections at 6200 South and 7000 South  — both similar in operation to the intersection of Bangerter Highway and 3500 South.  The improvements will benefit traffic flow in the area.

The configuration of the 7800 South intersection made it necessary to remove and rebuild a pedestrian crossing in another location. The old bridge, which still has some functional life, could not be used on the new, wider and reconfigured roadway. But UDOT will put the used bridge to good use on U-111.

8200 South on U-111 has been identified as needing a safer pedestrian crossing. The old bridge will help pedestrians cross safely over U-111. If all goes well, the new crossing could be put into place by Fall 2012.

A pedestrian bridge that was removed for an intersection improvement project will be reused on U-111 at 8200 South.

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  1. The old bridge will help pedestrians cross safely
    Taxi Service

  2. Safety should never be overlooked. Measures should always be taken as many lives are depending on the old bridge. The project perspective here in the blog seems to be effective.

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